A Simple Guide on the Different Types of Law Firms

There are now 439,740 law firms in the US. As this number grows year upon year, law becomes an even more competitive field.

If you are thinking of joining it, how do you find the best employment opportunities? One way is to know the types of firms and specialisms.

Read on as we discuss the types of law firms and what they do.

Law Firms by Size

Law firms are often broken down by size. At the lowest end are solo law firms. They often involve private individuals who handle a range of legal matters, though they may also have specialisms in one particular area.

Many people start a law firm as a solo operation and grow it from there. If you are starting a law firm and are qualified, all you need is property and marketing. Visit to stock up on all your stationery needs.

After this are smaller firms, with around two to ten employees. They give you the close personal attention you would get with a solo firm. However, you get more people with expertise working on your case.

Larger firms can include numerous members of staff, from lawyers to paralegals and administrative teams. Companies may span states or even countries. With huge departments, they will have special areas for each discipline such as corporate, real estate, and employment.

Law Firm Specialisms

Small and medium-sized law firms will tend to have a specialism. The range can be extremely vast. Two of the most common are business and criminal defense.

Business Lawyer

These types of lawyers are also known as corporate attorneys. They handle legal frameworks for businesses, both small and large. A business lawyer ensures both federal, state, and local laws are adhered to.

Business lawyers have a wide range of tasks they must deal with. Everything from acquisitions, to patents and liability, is included. They may conduct research, write contacts, and draft proposals.

If you plan on starting a law firm that deals in business law, some schools allow you to pursue an extra qualification alongside your degree. Many people work at larger firms to gain business experience before going on to open their own companies.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers are one of the most common types of attorneys. They defend anyone who has been accused of criminal charges. Their work may see them operating as a private attorney or for the public system.

During the process, they must push the defense of the accused within the boundaries of the law. This can involve discussing evidence and finding reasons why it may or may not be viable in a trial. These lawyers will be in court more than any other type.

Choosing Between Types of Law Firms

Now you know the types of law firms, you will have a better idea of how they operate. If you are starting a firm, consider your options and specialism. You may wish to join a company to gain experience.

This article is one of many to help you navigate the world of business. From employment to marketing, we can help grow your career in the coming year.

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