How recruiters benefit from candidate skills testing

The competitive recruiting industry demands that recruiters be at the top of their game when talent sourcing and placing candidates. Therefore, a candidate skills assessment is a valuable step when hiring. Recruiters must make use of online skills testing software to filter the best talent.

What is candidate skills testing?

Hiring companies want the top talent in the jobs market. Recruiters want the most skilled candidates for their clients. Candidate skills assessment is the only way to ensure that the client companies are getting a candidate who is suitable in every way for the role.

Recruiters get hundreds of applications when they put out a job advert. They must sift through all these applications to find the most qualified and suitable individuals. Candidate skills testing enables recruiters and employers to find appropriate talent from the pile of applicants. It is a process of examining a job seeker’s qualifications, experiences, and abilities to ensure that they are a match for the role in question.

But doing so manually and traditionally takes a huge amount of time. Additionally, it is in no way as effective as using a candidate skills testing software.

Why skills testing matters in modern recruitment

Staffing agencies work to make the right candidate placement as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of the client. Once they send out the job advert, applications quickly pour in, and recruiters start to filter them as thoroughly as possible.

The usual steps are CV parsing, reading cover letters and interviews. But they are not a comprehensive way to evaluate candidate proficiency. It is also a lengthy process when recruiters are trying to check each applicant’s abilities and check for the appropriate qualifications.

Pre-employment skills testing helps recruiters gauge the job seeker’s technical skills as their interpersonal abilities.

CVs and cover letters can easily be exaggerated. Well prepared individuals can also ace interviews if they know the kind of answers the recruiter and employer want to hear.

But candidate skills assessment highlights the talents and potential clearly. Employment skills testing software provides test results that give a competitive edge to recruiters.

Online skills testing software and how to use it

Assessing candidate skills online is a quick, easy and efficient way to measure a job seeker’s abilities. As the assessments are online, it saves a lot of time for both candidates who can take the skills tests from anywhere and the recruiters who can swiftly pick and send appropriate assessments at any time.

There are various types of skills tests. The vendors provide sets of standardised questions that are marked automatically so that there is a fair assessment. The online assessments are designed for the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Most of these can be completed within 5 to 60 minutes.

Popular candidate skills assessments include Microsoft Office skills tests, literacy skills tests, numeracy skills tests. There are also accounting skills tests and driving skills tests that are more sector-specific.

Psychometric skills tests are useful for every type of role. Psychometric skills testing enables recruiters to evaluate interpersonal skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

With GDPR being a regulation followed seriously, employees can also utilise candidate skills testing software for GDPR employee training.

Most good skills testing software systems can be integrated with recruitment agency software systems. This makes it easy for recruiters to check for candidate proficiency during the recruitment process.

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