How to Choose a Football Betting Strategy?

If you are looking for online football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) strategies, you will be greeted by hundreds of thousands of websites offering sure ways to beat bookmakers. In reality, however, this is much more difficult.

It is well known that only a very small percentage of players make consistent profits from sports betting. Betting on football is difficult, and despite hundreds of strategies, there is no sure way to win a bet. Players who make money are constantly betting on volume, knowing that they will lose almost as many bets as they win. Maintaining more than 50% success with average odds at higher levels is enough to ensure long-term profits.


Underestimating the need for discipline when betting is a disadvantage for many people. Losing discipline, either by hijacking a hot series or trying to make up for losses made in a difficult move, is a recipe for disaster. If you decide to use a betting strategy, you must do everything possible to adhere to it. This strategy is for a reason & its deviation denies any benefit pointed out by the creators of such a strategy.

Live Betting

Probably the most time-consuming betting strategy. Live betting involves placing a bet at the beginning or earlier of the game to bet against the opponent when the odds change. This strategy can be done successfully, and in fact, many people do it to make money on betting sites like UFABET991.

Pre-match bet

This concept is similar to live to bet. It requires price changes, but they are often smaller and less noticeable to an untrained player. Because price changes are smaller, you have to bet to make a decent profit is much larger. You also need to be more patient, as it can sometimes take several days for prices to change as much as you would like.

Pairs / Triples

The use of pairs and triples is not necessarily the best betting strategy globally, but some people swear by it. The reason people use doubles/triples is that every weekend; they have a choice of several teams that almost everyone would expect to win. Using the pair/triple method means combining three of them, and sometimes you can get a reasonable return.

Record the results

The fact that only 2% of participants make regular money from sports betting sounds very low. This is the simple reason why people do not record their victories/losses exactly. Many people have a good selective memory when it comes to their history of sports betting. Sharp victories are clearly remembered, while losses are forgotten to the extent that they are believed to have been profitable. Keep a detailed record of your betting actions. This can be as easy or complicated as you want, but in the end, you just have to specify the amount you bet and the return for each bet you place. You can also go to greater depths by listing the matches, sports or leagues you have bet on,

The betting strategies listed above are just a few of the hundreds of different ways you might decide to approach betting. Whatever you decide, whether mentioned above or now, having a strategy is better than not having one. You need to choose a betting strategy that works for you. For example, if you do not have much time to devote to sports betting, do not try to join the bet before the match. The risk of this betting strategy is that only one shift is needed to lose the entire bet. If two teams win 4-0 and the third 1-1, the bet is lost. You can win from this, but the more teams you return to multiple bets/batteries, the greater the risk. This strategy is usually used by avid football fans who know about the sport but do not take sports betting too seriously.

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