Know The Pros And Cons Of Clicker Training

Many tools are available to train fur babies, and a clicker is one among them. This prop is highly popular among canine trainers because of features like simple operation, light in weight, compactness, ease of carrying, and the unique noise it makes on pushing the button on it.

A clicker works wonders when it comes to marking positive behaviors. For instance, all you need to do when your puppy shows a desired behavior is to click the button and reward it. This mark and reward concept helps your puppy understand that it did the right thing and motivates it to repeat the same good behavior.

Teaching your puppy good manners takes much time, effort, and patience, so bear with your pet until it learns. Focus on grooming behavioral aspects of your puppy, but consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs so you have a medical financial backup to care for its physical health too.

Cheap dog insurance policies cover a frisky pet’s medical care during accidents, unexpected illnesses, and medical emergencies, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn the benefits and drawbacks of using a clicker tool.


This tool helps send out a clear and consistent sound to your pet. The sound the tool makes on pressing the button is not affected by external factors, unlike your voice, which is impacted by your mood, energy levels, and various other conditions. The frequency and pitch of your voice can vary depending on the situation, whereas a clicker makes a sound that is easily audible, remains constant, and is good to catch in noisy environments.

Canine fraternity often love the sound of clickers because they know a reward is incoming after pressing a button. So, clicker sounds can be more enticing than human voices.

It can be easier to mark behaviors at the right time using clickers than human voices. This can imply that a puppy learns comparatively faster and more efficiently than when instructed verbally.

Clickers help greatly with motivation and positive reinforcement because puppies can view the training process as a game, where you repeat good behaviors, get clicks, attractive rewards, and the satisfaction of winning the game.

They work brilliantly when you need to teach your pup complicated behaviors or behaviors that involve learning many steps to get to the desired behavior.


With this type of training, you should carry a clicker tool wherever you go to elicit a desired response from your pet.

Some puppies hate the noise made by the clicker. In such a case, one must spend time conditioning the pet, so it gets used to the clicker and the noise it makes.

If the clicker is used as a multi-purpose tool in the house, its usage might lose significance. Your puppy will not know how to respond to the sound.

Clickers should be used until a pup picks up correct behaviors and phased out later. Also, just as you pay attention to your pet’s behavioral health, you should focus on its physical wellness too. Consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs so that summoning medical help in unfortunate health circumstances need not be financially overwhelming.

Contemplate purchasing a cheap dog insurance policy at least so your canine is covered for basic medical care at affordable costs during unplanned vet visits and emergencies.

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