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Laminated wood

You’ve probably heard the name “Laminate flooring” to some, which this type of wood is becoming popular in modern folk decoration for house building  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน  which this type of wood flooring has many special features but the basis of this type of wood is not made from 100% wood, so what is this laminate flooring? Let’s get to know this type of wood flooring.

This Laminate Flooring is not 100% real wood, but rather a prefabricated wood that is scientifically produced with the basics. with wood as a component is laminated wood

One sheet consists of four layers, the middle layer being the thickest.

It is made from wood by shredding hardwood into fine powder and then mixed with other substances Then it is made into sheets by scientific methods. We call this method.

HDF (High Density Fiber) which looks like natural wood but has strength and shrinkage. Many times, less than real wood

The second layer is the part of the computer-designed wood pattern that is used to cover it.

HDF wood layer, the top layer is a scratch-resistant skin, the bottom is a sheet.

Prevent moisture and bring all 4 layers into the production process to get out.

It’s a laminate. By bringing to melt into the same

Laminate wood cannot be separated when exposed to water, it will not come off because it has been processed using high heat and pressure. When it comes out as a laminate. It will be cut to meet the standards. and used to make tongues around the body for the splicing between the sheets by using the Click lock system, each wood sheet can be self-locked without the use of glue. which is denser than using the welding glue is very

For the reason that most people and house builder  รับสร้างบ้าน  use laminate flooring  because the number of natural woods has decreased. inconsistent with the amount of demand that arises therefore laminated wood It is another option that will help create a balance between conservation of the environment and decorating the house with wood so that they can go together perfectly. In addition, more importantly, the properties of real wood are not perfect enough to be used for flooring with problems of durability, moisture or deflection, etc. Therefore, other types of wood have been invented that can be used as flooring instead of real wood. which the surface of laminate flooring that is coated with aluminum oxide which is the 4th hardest substance in the world

Let the laminate flooring that is laid in your room It is durable No matter how much time has passed

For the raw materials used to produce the best type of wood. Suitable for flooring In addition, the coating substance, laminate flooring also prevents water or other chemicals.

can be absorbed into the skin scratch resistant Including being resistant to high heat such as cigarette marks, making it easy to maintain. There is also a coating to prevent UV from sunlight. Make the color of the floor not fade. Helps to prolong the service life but the important thing is It greatly reduces the destruction of forest resources.

for the commonly used thickness Will have a thickness from 6 -12 mm by width x length that are commonly used. Most are 195 x 1200 mm and in the service life. Ordinary grades will have an average lifespan of 10-15 years and premium grades. It has an average service life of more than 15 years.

Benefit : advantages

– Has a beautiful texture that feels close to real wood.

– can choose color or wood pattern as we want

– It is resistant to weight. and resistant to impact and scratches well to a certain extent

– lightweight

– Install or replace a specific type of sheet without having to dismantle all of them when one of the sheets is damaged. This can be done quickly and easily with a locking mechanism that connects the planks. Also known as Click Lock

– Can be laid over tiled floors

Disadvantages : Disadvantages

– Not resistant to water and high humidity If exposed to water for more than 12 hours or more will cause swelling and twisting

– There is a chance of being eaten by termites if choosing a bad grade.

– Often damaged when carrying the weight of objects that look like sharp spikes, such as the heel of a pointed shoe, etc.

– Cannot be cleaned with wax, polish or soap-based solutions. Because it can damage the laminate floor.

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