The Best iPhone Accessories On the Market in 2022

Did you know that nearly 60% of people in the United States have iPhone devices?

iPhone is a preferred phone because of its user-friendly platform and compatibility with other devices.

If you have an iPhone and want to get the most use out of it, there are a couple of things to invest in.

Continue reading to discover some of the best iPhone accessories that you can get this year to improve your life!

Phone Grips

One of the trendiest iPhone accessories to get is a phone grip.

Pop Socket is a popular brand that people get for their phones, but there are many other sellers online. Phone grips stick onto the back of your phone or the case and can be extended to help you hold your phone.

These are perfect for when you have a lot of things to carry and don’t want to drop the phone. Another reason to get phone grips is that they can come with holders. These holders will allow you to put your phone on the dashboard of your car or hang it near the charging station.

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Card Holder

If you are sick of carrying your wallet around or have a habit of losing your license, a card holder is a great accessory.

Phone card holders are typically made of silicone. They can hold up to 5 cards and the back of the silicone wallet sticks to your phone. Many people recommend putting the wallet piece on the phone case, rather than directly on the phone, since the adhesive can be sticky.

Portable Projector

Movie buffs and binge watchers are getting portable projectors for their phones for a few reasons.

Portable projecters can be put on your phone to project your screen. These are perfect for when you want to watch a game or movie while you are outside or camping. You can project your screen on any flat surface that is the same color.

These are fun to bring out at parties and for children’s sleepovers. Make sure that you buy a projector that is compatible with iPhone, since not all of them are.

Camera Lenses

Are you constantly taking pictures of your children or nature on your hikes?

Many companies have created camera lenses for iPhones that can be attached on top of the original lense. These lenses give you more control when editing photos and can give you unique perspectives. It is becoming common for professional photographers to use these lenses, and the best part is that they can also be used on iPads!

Depending on the type of lense that you get, you can create distorted images, close-ups, and other special features.

Glass Screen Protector

Buying a protective case for your Apple iPhone is essential if you don’t want the screen to shatter.

Tempered glass is typically used for screen protectors and although it sounds like that will break too, it keeps your phone safe. Whether you drop your phone on its side or the front, the screen will take the brunt of the force. Sometimes people have dropped or smashed their phones to find the screen protector shattered, but not the glass on their phone.

It is a good idea to buy this protector or get it installed on the phone before you take it home. One small slip from your hand without a screen protector could result in hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.

Another reason to get a screen protector is so that your phone doesn’t get scratches.

Long Charging Cord

If you don’t have a charging cord that is 6 or 10 feet long, it is time to get one.

Having a long phone charger can give you freedom while your phone fuels up. Instead of standing by the outlet or keeping your phone in another room, you can keep it by your side and not have to worry about being limited.

Look for charging cords that are durable and well-made. Cheap chargers typically get worn down quickly and end up exposing the internal wires. You should also get a good quality charger because it is more efficient than the cheap versions and will charge your phone quicker.

Durable Phone Case

If you want to protect your Apple device, you should always buy a durable case.

A phone case that has a lip raised above the screen will help prevent it from shattering. Phone cases will keep the screen safe while protecting the rest of your phone. Keep in mind that a phone case doesn’t make the phone indestructible though and water can get inside most styles.

This green iPhone 12 case is a durable option that will look good on your new phone. You can also find other colors and patterns. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you can get cases that make your phone waterproof or allow wireless charging.

Portable Charger

Running out of phone battery is a common problem with a simple solution.

If you want to ensure that you will get hope safe with directions or have the power to call someone, you need a portable charger. Portable chargers are charged with a standard charging cord and they can be a lifesaver when you are at work or out for the day.

Keep a small phone charger in your purse or car with a portable charger and you will always be prepared. You can charge any device with this charger as long as it has a USB port.

These iPhone Accessories Will Simplify Your Life

Many iPhone accessories are on the market, flooding people with options to choose from.

Not all accessories are worth the money, but some can help simplify your life and save you money. Instead of paying for repairs, you can invest in a good case and screen protector. Don’t forget that phone grips and card-holders are also practical accessories to try.

If you have an interest in taking photos, camera lenses can be added to your phone to enhance image quality.

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