Thong Shapewear Bodysuit

There are a few no-fail things you should include in your underwear collection when it comes to improving it. A comfortable bra is a requirement, you know, one you won’t pull off the moment you come home from work. Another must-have is a no-slip bandeau bra that goes with your strapless shirts.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on your shapewear supply. While it’s not something you’ll wear every day, some situations or outfits (looking at you, form-fitting bodycon gowns) scream for the shaping basics that promise to assist you out when you need it.

Today’s focus is on the enormous realm of thong shapewear bodysuit in particular. As the name implies, it lifts, curves, tucks, and smooths like any other compression garment without giving you those annoying panty lines. We combed the reviews for those outstanding findings that people adored because we’re all about discovering those essentials that people truly like wearing (believe it or not, not everyone can bear the constrictive aspect of shapewear). Continue reading to explore and buy the best thong shapewear available.

Shapewear is not for everyone and, and it doesn’t have to be used to mould your body to any specific silhouette if you don’t like it. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re firmly in the “pro” group and adore it for its self-belief abilities – or if you’ve not tried side zipper shapewear before and want to dip a toe comment to see what all the hype is about.

How did we do our research?

Anyone who has ever attempted to fit into a pair of Spanx understands how difficult it is. However, we at IndyBest take our job as reviewers very seriously. To figure out which items are worth your money, we tried on over 30 pieces of shapewear from 15 different companies.

Those that succeeded on the first attempt advanced to the second stage of testing, which involved bringing these pieces out on the street and seeing how they held up after a few hours – some stayed put, while others didn’t.

The highlight short is Heist.

With all that writhing and wiggling and breathing in, we can all agree that putting on shapewear isn’t the most enjoyable hobby. During our testing, though, we came upon Heist’s new highlight shorts, which almost made it all worthwhile. These were easy to put on (compared to others we tested) and felt quite secure once in place. You’ll feel supported in all the correct spots while still capable of moving – and breathing – easily, which is always a bonus.

Spanx Mama Shapewear Shorts for Pregnancy

If you’re looking for a little additional support for your growing baby bulge, these Spanx pregnancy shapewear shorts provide it without being restricted. The high-rise waistline goes beyond the bump, with a semi front that grows to you and great solid support in the back to aid with a lower back strain.The shorts have the sensation of thick tights, so no sucking in is required, but they do provide a wonderful lift on the bum and smoother support around the thighs – ideal for a pick-me-up if you’re ever having self in an outfit.

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