Vue vs. React – Negotiating Complexity for Scalability

Every passing year, you can witness one change in the digital development sector. This change is the increase in the fame of front-end structures for app development. These days, you cannot even think about developing apps without employing frameworks like Python and JavaScript. When it is about the JS framework, the two most indispensable players fight for the top position. It is a reactjs UI framework from Facebook and VUE.

In the contemporary world of development, VUE and react JS are in everyone’s discussion. Both of these frameworks for development belong to the JavaScript sphere. This is because; JavaScript is the core language used in these frameworks. Now, when you talk about both the JS frameworks, both have advantages, and both also have disadvantages.

Choosing one for your next project may be a tedious job for you. This column here helps you choose the best among the two. In this post, you will get a brief comparison between the frameworks and which one would be a better choice for you.

Pros of using React JS for development


When it comes to React JS, it is one of the most responsive JS frameworks. However, React is not only highly responsive; instead, it also offers you maximum flexibility.

Rich Library

Another great perk that you get out of React JS framework is access to an extended JS library. The React JS developer gets access to integrate many more features.

The use of Virtual Dom

Virtual Dom is another pro of employing React JS. The Virtual Dom in the framework enables the developers to arrange the documents in a browser-friendly way. The arrangement takes place in HTML, XHTML, XML.

Flexibility in structure 

The React JS offers you a flexible structure that helps you in the scalable development of the apps. This makes it preferable for the development of large-scale apps at react js web Development Company.

Cross-platform development 

The React JS brings you the platform of React Native. This platform aids in the rendering of native suits. Further, you can use the same codes and models for the development of iOS and Android apps.

Extensive community with professionals to support and improve the platform

Using React JS for application development offers another great perk. React JS offers you an extensive community that includes the pro developers from Facebook. These pro developers always find out ways to enhance the framework. The beginners also get great support from the community.

Cons of React Native 

When you are talking about the cons of React JS, you can hardly find any cons. However, there is one con for the developers. It is complexity

Complexity in setup, functions, and properties 

Setting up the React JS is quite complex. Further, the functions and the characteristics of this framework are also complex. Thus, you need in-depth knowledge about the platform if you want to work in the React JS platform.

Moving on to VUE

VUE is another app development framework powered by JS. But, like React, VUE also offers you many perks of using it. Here are some perks that you should know about.

Easy to use

The most enjoyable part about the VUE is it is quite easy to use. The framework in the VUE JS includes the HTML-based standard templates. These templates are easy to use, and you can also refurbish any existing app.

Consumes lesser space compared to any other framework

Another great perk that you get from the VUE is the consumption of minimal space. The less space it consumes, the better performance it offers you.

Seamless integration of tiny portions

There are many times when the developers need to make small changes or additional smaller extensions to an existing file. In such cases, VUE is recommendable. It is because; it allows tiny integrations without having to make changes in the whole system. Further, it is uniform for the single-page app or any tedious web interface.

Reusable templates

The next perk of using VUE JS is the reusable templates. The templates in the VUE JS are usable repetitively.

It offers a great design and architecture

One more reason that makes it a popular JS framework is the exceptional design and architecture of apps. Using the VUE JS enables the developers to achieve great finished products.

Offers to learn for beginners

The VUE JS also offers easy learning for beginners. The proper documentation about the framework enables the developers to learn faster. The developer also doesn’t need any prerequisite knowledge, as all they need is HTML and JavaScript.

Cons of VUE JS

Problems in the large scale development

No matter, it may be a popular framework, but there are some cons. The first problem with VUE JS is it is not reliable for large-scale app development.

Limited market share

Besides being popular, the market share of VUE is not much big when it comes to comparison with React JS.

Which one is better for you: React vs. VUE?

Now that you know the pros and deceptions of both frameworks, here is a brief comparison that will help you make a better decision.

Fame and support

When you are choosing any framework, it is needless to say that you will choose the framework based on its fame and support. Fame is for businesses, and support is the criteria that developers always look for. Thus, when it is about the fame and support of both frameworks, React has more popularity. This is only because of its extensive third-party libraries. That is not the end yet! You also get extensive tools and extensions to make your app full of features.

You can also measure the fame in terms of its application for different platforms. Some of React JS’s most popular applications/ software are Microsoft, Dropbox, Uber, WhatsApp, and PayPal.

Next, in terms of the community also React JS is more supportive. It is because; it has a huge community of professional developers to help you. In addition, React JS has great support from the IDEs. You can also get online courses and tutorials quite accessible.

Availability of skilled developers 

Another great criterion to choose a framework is to find out which framework has more developers. The more skilled developers in a framework will offer you an exceptional masterpiece. For example, many of the front-end developers are using React for development. Further, React Developers are more skillful compared to VUE developers. This makes a clear decision about what framework you should choose.

HTML templating or JSX

The templates also decide what framework you should use. The way it handles the templates will make a huge difference. When it comes to the template, React uses JSX. JSX is an amalgamation of HTML and CSS. The mixture will enable developers to create unique graphical user interface features.

JSX also provides you with greater versatility. For example, it has temporary variables, flow controlling, and JS values referencing JS values; The JSX also supports the IDE features. These features include type checking, auto-filling, and many more.

Further, moving on to the VUE, it is using the HTML templates. The HTML templates are easier to manage. You can also remodel your existing app using the HTML template. One major benefit that you get from the HTML template is that it allows you to relocate your project. Thus, when it is about template handling, both of these frameworks stand on the same line. You can choose and make a decision based on your personal preference.


When it comes to documentation, React JS stands dull. This is because the roots of React development, including the new age concepts, are not precisely structured. Hence, making presentations on React is not very effective. Further, there is also no in-depth description and overview of the framework’s ecosystem.

On the other hand, VUE’s documentation is in a precise format. The API references of VUE are also the most exceptional in the development industry. The documents are precisely written and are transparent. The developers can get access to all the knowledge that the creation of VUE apps demands. Further, the documentation in VUE is also easy to translate into several languages. It makes it more accessible.


Another metric to know the efficiency of the framework is testing the performance of the applications developed. You can only test the performance of the app with the speed that they offer you. When it comes to speed, two metrics test the speed up Time and Run Time. For React, the Uptime/run time is 32.5 KB/101.2 KB, and for VUE, it is 31 KB/84.4 KB. Thus, React offers you greater performance. This makes it apparent that you should choose to React JS development services.

React JS vs. VUE- the final verdict

When it comes to making a final verdict, React JS has more potential and intensity. The framework also offers you highly productive apps famous for performance. Moreover, if you want to develop high-end apps with complexity in solution, you should prefer React JS. But if you are looking out for startup apps, then VUE JS might be a good option for you. However, the ball is always in React JS’s court. It helps you create mobile-friendly apps, the app that has a future in extending functionality.

Author Bio: I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, A leading mobile app development company in India, USA. I generally write blogs on tech updates, the software development industry & the latest technologies.

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