Why Nutrient-Richness Can Help You Lose Weight

Readers wrote to tell me that when they shifted their meals to include more of the World’s Healthiest Foods, they not only experienced enhanced health, but—without even trying—those who wanted to lose weight found that they were readily doing so. The research we did helped us to more clearly understand why Readers lost weight and why the World’s Healthiest Foods were so effective in weight loss.

New evidence associates diets high in salads, vegetables, and fruits and low in processed and refined foods with healthy weight because they contain phytonutrients—beneficial compounds found exclusively in fruits and vegetables that possess the power to help keep us healthy and help the body maintain an optimal, healthy weight. Also salads, vegetables, and fruits are rich in antioxidants, which we need if we want to lose weight. Studies show that overweight individuals have higher levels of oxidative stress from an excess of free radicals and lack of antioxidants.

What is it about nutrient-richness that helps promote weight loss? Several factors are involved. Nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods provide our body with outstanding nutrient support that enables our body to carry out its metabolic activities in an optimal way. Metabolic activities, such as the burning of unwanted fat (a process called beta-oxidation), are best supported by a diet that is rich in nutrients.


Since we only have a limited amount of calories that we can consume if we want to lose weight or maintain our weight and simultaneously take in a sufficient range and amount of nutrients to maintain our health, it is essential for us to get as many nutrients as possible in comparison to the number of calories we consume. Fortunately, it’s easy to do this by focusing on the nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods.

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