Would you like to be recognized at an event?

Would you like to stand out? Use the dome tents during your event. Our luxurious Dome tents can be recognized by their distinctive and contemporary design, round shapes and robust tubular structure. Since 2009 Creative Structures has been a global player in the production and distribution of Dome tents within the hospitality, leisure and event industry. Do not wait any longer and order your dome tent.

Customize your own Dome tent

Would you like to have your logo on the Dome tent? We deliver custom tents with logo. You can customize both the frame and the cover of the tents. The covers can be printed with your logo or even get full colour printed. We also offer transparent covers. Choose a color that matches your brand.

Endless possibilities with Dome tents

A Dome tent is a unique and memorable venue for any event or gathering like parties, festivals, trade shows, weddings, restaurants, on the beach, sport venues or even as a pool canopy. You can even create your own village by connecting the Dome tents endlessly with a gutter. Our Dome tents can also be used as a glamping tent. The decking is TÜV certified and bears heavy loads. It can be used as a terrace, stage, catwalk and at the same time it is ballast anchoring for our custom dome tents.

Interested in our Dome tents?

Over the years Creative Structures has grown into an organization operating in more than 60 countries. Many well known brands opted for Creative Structures during the biggest events and festivals around the world. They are also weatherproof and stormproof and are able to withstand temperatures from -30 up to +70 degrees / -22 F up to 158 F. The tents are even able to withstand storms up to 80 km/h / 50 mph. Get your luxurious Dome tents for sale now!

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