3 Ways On How To Choose The Right Mobile Scaffolding To Hire

Do you have a project that requires reaching great heights? Perhaps you’re planning on repainting your house? Or maybe you want to change some wall and ceiling fixtures?

No matter what project you have in mind, having a sturdy, movable platform is crucial to making your work easier.

And when it comes to short-term use, as any DIY task involves, a scaffolding hire is a perfect option. It’s practical and affordable compared to purchasing your own mobile scaffold, especially when you won’t use it frequently.

But how do you choose the right scaffold system for your project?

Answer the following questions, and you’ll find out.

How many people will use the scaffold?

Some mobile scaffolds are specifically designed for one person’s use, while others can carry multiple workers. Keep in mind that scaffolding units have a maximum weight limit.

For a one-person mobile tower, assembly is easy, fast, and done by a single individual. But it can only safely carry one person’s weight over a limited working space. Therefore, this type of mobile scaffold is suitable for working in small areas.

On the other hand, platforms that can carry the weight of more than one man are bigger and can be a combination of two towers. These are mainly used for outdoor construction.

So, before you choose what kind of scaffolding to hire, make sure you consider the number of people working on your project. The right one is something that can carry you or your workers without safety risks and provide enough space to move around and work in.

How high do you need to reach?

Most mobile scaffold systems can be adjusted depending on the height requirement of your project. But the maximum height is usually around 12 meters. With this kind of reach, mobile scaffolding systems are the preferred equipment for height support tasks.

However, bear in mind that mobile scaffolds have certain height limits, which will also be affected by the weight the structure will bear. Moreover, the US OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set a standard regarding safety measures for those working at a height of more than ten feet.

Thus, you must consider these factors when choosing mobile scaffolding for your project.

Where is your project located?

Will you be working indoors or outdoors? Do you have enough space to move and work around in? Or is a mobile scaffolding system too large for your work area?

If your project is located indoors, the most suitable type of scaffolding is one made of aluminium, which is lightweight and easy to move around. But for outdoor use, where multiple workers are sometimes required, a steel tower is preferred. Scaffolding made of steel can bear more load and are better for more significant projects.

But no matter the location, the most crucial consideration is the safety features of the mobile scaffold. Stability, durability, and security need to be present all the time.

Choosing a scaffolding hire over a new equipment purchase comes with many benefits, not just practicality and cost-efficiency. And, of course, choosing the right scaffold can prevent accidents and make your work go smoother and faster.

So, instead of relying on a wobbly ladder or exhausting yourself with inefficient tools, why not hire a mobile scaffold instead? With the right company to provide the most suitable equipment for your scaffolding needs, delays and safety risks can be eliminated. Then, you can finish your task in a breeze, and the project you envision will soon turn into reality.

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