5 Reasons Why Dermaplaning Facial Treatment Is Beneficial For You

Dermaplaning facial is an exfoliating procedure that exfoliates the outer layer of the skin with a surgical scalpel. The shaving exfoliates the skin by removing the dead skin cells and tiny vellus hairs, which leave the face’s surface silky soft. This technique helps regenerate the skin, giving you a more youthful and glossy appearance without the use of nasty chemicals, lengthy downtime, or discomfort.

If you want your face always to look picture-perfect all the time, dermaplaning facial is perfect for you. This procedure will bring out the best of your skin, so you can say goodbye to the blemishes, dark spots, and say hello to young and beautiful skin.

Speedy Hair Removal

You do not have to look further if you’re seeking a way of getting rid of facial hair. This procedure will eliminate all of the vellus hair on your face. Without that fuzz, your face will look much better, you’ll have a perceptible shine, and your makeup will apply better.

Fresher and Younger-looking Skin

Dermaplaning removes dead cells from the skini’s top layer. While the results vary, many patients have fresh, vibrant, and regenerated skin after removing the dead cells.

Treats Acne-prone Skin

This therapy is not prescribed to people who have active acne breakouts because it can worsen the problem and distribute bacteria from across the top layer of the skin. However, if your face is acne prone, this procedure will eliminate the dead cells that can block the pores and the hair follicles that causes acne.

Furthermore, using acne solutions after treatment will help keep improving your skin. This therapy will be considerably more efficient on healthy skin. This therapy can also help balance out skin tone, decrease irritation and swelling, and make acne scars less visible.

A Non-invasive Treatment

This procedure does not require the use of any numbing cream. There are no stitches or chemical treatments, and the only blade used is a medical-grade treatment instrument that passes over the skin back and forth. There are also no post-treatment instructions, and you won’t have to fear appearing in public because your face is red or irritated.

It’s All-Natural Throughout

There are no components in this procedure that may damage your skin. It is perhaps one of the most basic yet efficient hair removal techniques.

Suppose you had a part of your skin waxed, lasered, or threaded during a series of sessions to clinics to eliminate facial hair from your skin. In that case, you may have experienced discomfort and irritation due to the procedure.

What is worse than this is the procedures may not have been able to eradicate all of your hair. However, this therapy is non-irritating to the skin and removes all of the fuzz in the treatment zone, doing better than simply plucking the hair.


Some argue that this facial treatment is the same as shaving. However, it is not so because it uses a medical-grade scalpel that is much sharper and better at removing fuzzy hair and exfoliating your skin. However, you have to make sure to entrust your skin only to clinics that have proven its worth for the customers to avoid any problem.

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