7 Tips For Responsible Gambling

There are many ways gambling, any kind of gambling for that matter, can be a profitable venture. However, there’s usually one way in which the gambler is the winner and the online casino/house is the loser: when you win.

This article will go over some tips on how to best utilize your money when you’re playing poker or slot machines so that you don’t happen to lose more than what you’re willing and able to part with within a given time period.

What is responsible gambling?

It’s about having fun and taking care of the things that matter most in your life. It means respecting yourself and your loved ones by not risking what you can’t afford to lose, by spending only what you can afford, and by avoiding mixing alcohol with gambling.

It means keeping track of the money you’re placing on a poker table, while still having fun while doing so. It means focusing all your attention on the game instead of worrying about what an online casino might pay you back within a month or a year. 

I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with gambling all you can afford to lose, because it’s completely acceptable from a moral standpoint. It’s when gambling starts to affect your lifestyle in a negative way that you should start thinking about slowing down. Playing responsibly is simply about being aware of how much money you’re wagering at any given time, and knowing when to stop playing in order to avoid compulsive gambling.

If you’re gambling with money that was meant for electric bill payment but ended up being put on your favorite slot machine instead because it kept paying out big, you are not playing responsibly.

Things to keep in mind to be a responsible gambler

1. If You Can’t Beat It, Don’t Play It

This is the simple law of the land when it comes to online gambling. Just because you’re winning doesn’t mean you should stay at it. If you’re not getting your fair share of the pot, then you should try to take longer breaks between playing sessions. There are very few things that can actually ruin any game, but if you’re attempting to win millions at online casinos, then there’s almost nothing that will go wrong for your account if you take enough time off.

2. Know your limits.

Determine what you’re willing to lose before you start playing. Make sure you’re not putting more money on the table than is reasonable, and if you can’t afford to lose any of it, don’t play. It doesn’t matter how good of a poker player you are – there will always be someone better.

Know yourself and your tendencies. If playing a certain game is going to cause you stress, don’t play it. If playing a certain game leads to arguments with your significant other, don’t play it. If playing a certain game makes you spend more money than usual, don’t play it.

If you’re in any way unable to control yourself when gambling, you should consider getting help from a professional or avoiding the source of the issue entirely Fashionslog.

3. Know when not to gamble

Dates are probably the most obvious time that it makes sense not to gamble. If you’re going out with your significant other, then it’s a good idea to refrain from playing until you get home. If you can’t put your money on a table, then you probably shouldn’t be looking at one either.

If you have too much money on the table, it can be easy to get angry or frustrated when things go wrong – so don’t play with more than you can afford to lose.

4. Avoid mixing alcohol and gambling

Drinking is usually a social thing, but drinking for the sole purpose of being drunk – or to be more accurate – drinking until you’re going to lose your inhibitions – is a recipe for disaster when gambling is involved.

If you feel a need to drink before playing, take a minute and think about it. Maybe sitting down at a table with a cocktail isn’t the best idea in the world, even if you plan on quitting after your first drink.

If you’re drunk, you may perceive all of the money on the table as yours instead of the online casino’s, which means that it will be impossible for you to turn down more money when that happens.

5. Keep track of your winnings

You should record each time your wager is paid out by cashing out all of your winnings at once instead of putting them into an account for later. Doing this will prevent you from spending more than you originally started with, and it will also make it easier to track your winnings.

If you don’t think it’s necessary to record each time your wager is paid out, then at least keep your money in an account separate from the rest of your finances. If all of your other money is used for bills and other necessities, then you won’t have any temptation to spend it carelessly while gambling.

6. Take time off

If you’re not having fun anymore while playing, then it doesn’t matter what strangers on some kind of message board or forum say about how great it is if you take some time off and come back later. You need to decide for yourself if you’re having fun before gambling. If it’s not fun anymore, then stay away from the online casino. If you’re having fun, then go for it, but only until you know that you can’t lose any more than what you started with.

Confession: I used to play online roulette and blackjack online most days of my life and sometimes not even log out my bank account before checking if I had won or lost money. After four years of this, I finally decided that it doesn’t matter how much money I win or lose Fashioncolthing.

7. Make sure that gambling isn’t getting in the way of important things in life

If you are about to miss an important event to play poker or slot machines, then you are gambling too much. You should never have to choose between spending time with your family and playing online slots, just as you should never have to choose between your friends and playing online poker.

You should never have phone conversations about the balance of your bank account while driving to work or at school, either. If gambling is getting in the way of important things in life, then it’s probably time for a break Fashionworldnow.


There are no set rules or guidelines that should be followed in order to be a responsible gambler. There are dangers involved when playing online casino games, but if you’re smart enough to choose a site that doesn’t take advantage of you, then you should be able to continue spending your money wisely while still enjoying yourself. Most of the respectable top casinos in the world, that have proved that they are responsible for their customers, often warn about the dangers of compulsive gambling and even offer help. It is a player’s responsibility to be aware of his state and to seek help if needed Magazinefacts

Having fun requires a certain amount of courage and determination, but remember: what isn’t fun is dangerous.

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