7 Tips to Care for Your Dental Crowns

Dental crown Medford is great for enabling individuals to chew their food effectively and with the utmost normality. These days many people are equipped with dental crowns to counter different dental complications such as tooth injury, decay, or even aesthetic issues. 

Teeth crown Medford can be very effective in terms of correcting, protecting, and enhancing the condition of our vulnerable teeth. However, the catch here is that one needs to take extensive care of these dental crowns to ensure that the crown does not chip, crack, stain, or even break. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the most effective tips to take good care of our dental crowns.

Tips To Care For Your Dental Crowns

  1. Maintaining Good Habits: It is no news that most dental crowns can last for a period of five to fifteen years. However, it is important to note that a dental crown depends on an individual’s oral habits and dental hygiene. 

On the contrary, permanent dental crowns do not require as much maintenance as temporary crowns. Nonetheless, it is important to brush and floss our teeth on a regular basis. One must also make sure to rinse the mouth area with an antibacterial mouthwash where the crown is fitted.    

  1. Keeping In Touch With The Dentist: It is always important to make regular visits to a dentist Medford, more so for people with implants and dental crowns. The main reason behind this is that dentists can seamlessly determine and treat different complications with the crown before they turn into something more severe. 

Therefore, in case an individual with a dental crown experiences pain while chewing or biting. They should take it as a hint to immediately schedule an appointment with a dentist and get the issue checked.

  1. Using A Night Guard: For those who do not know, the nightguard can look like a retainer whose job is to make sure that the upper and lower teeth are not in touch. This can be of great use for people with the habit of grinding their teeth against each other when sleeping. 

In addition, one must understand that the grinding motion can lead to wearing down the entire crown along with the rest of the crown. This can lead to further complications where the crown completely pops off. 

  1. Using A Soft Nylon Brush: Once you get dental implants, you might need to change your traditional toothbrush! Post the dental crowns treatment, we suggest you switch to nylon toothbrushes as they’re gentle on your implants. 
  2. Avoid Food Items That Are Hard To Chew: Many among us tend to chew ice, which can also cause severe damage to the dental crown. Nonetheless, our crown dentist Medford recommends patients pay close attention to the area where the gum comes in contact with the teeth, especially while performing the usual oral hygiene activities. 
  3. Getting Rid Of Bad Habits: It is often seen that most people end up damaging their crown only because of silly bad habits such as chewing nails or simply grinding teeth. Therefore, it is advisable that people rid themselves of such habits as it can result in loosening the crown altogether. 
  4. Try Flossing Daily: Once you’ve got a dental implant, it becomes important for you to floss almost daily! Flossing daily can help you reduce the overall plaque which would accumulate around implants.

Bottom Line 

These are some of the most effective tips to take good care of our dental crown. Therefore, keep these tips in mind and enhance the lifespan of your dental crown without any complications.

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