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Advantages of Double Steel Doors

Doors serve as the entry point to our homes. Therefore, they need to be strong, beautiful, and durable to offer good security. There are various types of doors including wooden doors but this article will focus on steel doors. It will explore on details of advantages and disadvantages of steel doors.

Doors made of steel are the best type sold in Kenya. The design of steel doors consists of; 1.2mm steel sheet, 1.2 steel plate, and fiberglass as an insulation material. Moreover, the doors have, steel frame, door knocker, opening and closing handle on both sides, and locks at 7 points. The steel doors offer maximum security and durability.

Advantages of Double Steel Doors

Energy Efficiency

Steel doors maximize the amount of energy retained at homes. Steel entry doors have a high insulated foam. The foam ensure maximal energy retention. Moreover, steel doors have connections and joints accomplished with thermal adhesives. Connections and joints aspects transform the highly conductive metal of steel to a powerhouse. The power house saves energy.

Security of the Doors

Steel doors are the strongest and enduring for security purposes at home. The doors have a stronger composition that makes the door to withstand serious applied energy. Double steel doors offer high levels of security ensuring a home is safe and comfortable.

Low Maintenance

Steel doors require minimal maintenance. The doors are made strong in a way they are not prone to damages. However, Steel doors needs maintenance on the paintings.Touching the paintings leaves some marks on the door making it to look unattractive. The marks should be cleared and they are cleared with minimal costs making it have a low maintenance cost.


Rusting and Denting

Some steel doors may be dented when hit while rusting occurs very fast on steel surfaces exposed to air. If paint is chipped off, rust develops on the steel surface because it has been exposed to moisture present in the air. Rusting damages the door and it can make the door not last for long.

Expensive in price

Steel doors are the most strong and attractive doors. The wonderful features of steel doors makethem have high prices in the market. However, not all people may afford the prices,some will consider wooden types depending on their capital.

No Modification

Wooden doors may be planned, sandedand trimmed to fit the frame the made for them. However, steel doors cannot be trimmed in any way. Therefore, for steel doors, frames should be properly seized using accurate measurements to fit the steel door purchased. It is difficult to upgrade already made steel door. Therefore, when steel doors are made measurement should be taken of both the doors and the frame to allow fitting.


When deciding to buy a steel door it is important to consider both its advantages and disadvantages. However, a steel door is the best type of door compared to others. It is very attractive and strong for security purposes making a home to be comfortable. Check steel doors prices in Kenya.

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