Best Ways to Practice German with Native Speaker When Living in Italy

Many people want to learn a new language, but they don’t know how to do that. The German language is widespread globally, and it’s also helpful for those who live in Italy.

There are many ways to practice with native speakers, such as Skype or meetup groups. We will cover some of the best options for practicing German when living in Italy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to do that is to learn online.

Use Language Learning Platforms

Online courses are the perfect way for learners of all abilities who want accessible quality instruction in any subject anywhere around our world from just their home computer. There’s really nothing stopping anyone when using these features, even if they don’t know how yet, because it will teach them through text-to-speech software that reads aloud whatever content is being studied regardless.

There are a variety of websites and online applications that can be used for learning different ways. For example, suppose you’re better at memorizing new words using pictures to associate them. An app asks you to link phrases with particular objects or another one that allows interactive conversations to practice German by speaking it out loud while seeing how your speech appears on the screen instantaneously, so we’d recommend finding what works best.

Find Native Speakers in Language Apps

You can find any type of app for learning German, no matter what your goal is. The perfect tool that suits all levels, from beginners to advanced learners, if you want to travel to Germany or study abroad for a semester will be available. There are even paid options with great benefits like access on-demand, so nothing gets lost when it’s convenient.


The italki app is a free language-learning resource that makes it easier than ever for students of any age to engage in immersive, one-on-one German lessons with native speakers. The goal? To improve conversation skills by conversing about essential topics such as sports or current events. Using this simple mobile phone application will help you develop your speaking abilities while also expanding your knowledge of Germany – from history and traditions right down through everyday phrases like “How are you?”

The italki German app offers students a convenient and effective path to fluency using video lessons with live teachers, tutors, and other language learners. This is one of the pricier options for learning languages like Germany takes place online on your own time without obligation or commitment – making this service perfect if you’re looking into doing some self-improvement while traveling abroad.

Cudu App

You can learn German like a native with the Cudu app. The lessons are designed to give learners scenarios that they would typically encounter in everyday life or work situations, so it’s more realistic and exciting. There’s no need for live humans because this program uses voice recognition technology instead; errors do happen, but these programs offer great opportunities for people who want better-spoken skills at little cost with minimal effort involved.

Use Social Media to Communicate With the Natives

You can listen to the latest German news, watch videos of native speakers speaking or respond in an instant with your voice by using speech-to-text technology. You’ll also have access to other language learners just like yourself.


The Twitter app is great for learning German because it provides bite-sized lessons in the language every day. It’s easy to use, and content changes with time, so you never get bored of following people who speak your target language.


The most popular chat application worldwide is now available for German speakers. It’s no wonder that this portable messaging platform has become so loved and utilized by many cultures with over 200 million active users. Whether you want help understanding how people from other countries speak with their accents or just need a good distraction when trying out your newfound language skills on others. There are plenty of benefits to using Babbel and tips on taking advantage of its features like voice changer options to better fit into different social circles across Europe (and even Asia).


This site is a fit resource for anyone who wants to learn German. Many people on here speak the language, so you’re bound to find someone with an answer if your question isn’t too complicated or specific! Whether it’s just some helpful advice about what classes would be best suited toward learning more of our native tongue. This website has got all kinds of stuff over there waiting patiently in its archives, ready and willing whenever somebody needs them. HiNative is a group of people from all over the world that are learning German.


Learn a language with this free app. You can use it anywhere you get reception, and you won’t have to worry about not having enough time because the lessons are interactive. Germany has a rich history and cuisine, with an incredible selection of dishes to choose from. Speaky might be right up your alley if you’re looking for someone who speaks German to converse or just learn more about the culture.

The app is suitable for people who would love to have access to native speakers and practice language.

Wrap It Up

Living in Italy is hard, especially when you try to learn German. Trying to communicate with the locals can be difficult, especially if you are not fluent in Italian.

There are ways to learn and practice German when living in Italy without actually speaking it! You can join a language exchange team or take an online course. Whatever you choose, make sure that your time spent practicing is intentional so that you have some success stories to tell on your return home and share your views. What other tips would help someone who wants to speak more German while they live in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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