Business Strategies to Increase Demographic

In the evolving business landscape of the twenty-first century, there is hardly anything more necessary than a social media presence.

In fact, digital marketing professionals agree that social media management increases traffic by 75 percent. Not only that, but it’s one of the best business strategies for increasing your target audience.

Establish Your Target Audience

There are five big categories when it comes to market segmentation: age, gender, income, occupation, and education.

Not all of these will be relevant for every brand, though. For example, it may not matter that your digital marketing for a dog food brand is pointed at men or women in particular.

Conversely, it could matter very much if you see your buyer as a middle-class stay-at-home mom. Maybe she is the primary caretaker of the dog and does most of the shopping.

However, you don’t want your target audience to be this narrow. Surely you can picture young, single men buying your dog food, too.

In other words, it’s important to cover all your bases before committing to business strategies that exclude some segmentations you want to reach.

Get Specific

The more specific you get, the deeper you can individualize your audience. After determining the bigger five categories, go a few layers deeper. Subcategories include region, personality, interests, values, and behavior.

Instead of selling to “Anyone with a dog,” your target audience can become, “Middle-class young couples with large breeds in the northeast who love camping and have a sense of humor.”

Your digital marketing could feature posts with couples camping out in cold weather. Maybe you could incorporate a joke or two.

Be careful not to be too narrow in your digital marketing, though, or you may alienate too many potential customers.

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Bridge the Gap

Let’s say your main target audience right now is Baby Boomers, but business is hurting. To increase sales, you need to find some way to appeal to Gen Z without losing your brand identity or core audience.

What do you do? First, question if your product can fill a need for a new, seemingly opposite demographic. If the answer is yes, look at your brand from the angle of a younger person.

Does the website have a clean, modern finish? Is your social media game on point? Is your brand culturally relevant? Find values that younger and older generations agree upon–or values that complement each other.

For example, Boomers want to find a brand they can be loyal to while Gen Z focuses on brands with authenticity. Neither of these values contradicts the other, so why not exhibit both in your digital marketing?

Try These Business Strategies Today

In this evolving business landscape, digital marketing and social media management have never been more important. It’s a surefire way to reach your target audience.

It doesn’t just happen overnight, though. When it comes to business strategies, you tend to get back what you put in.

If you need more help with business strategies, don’t stop here. Keep reading our site for more tips and tricks.

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