Cool and Creative Coffee Packaging Design Ideas

The world’s most popular beverage is also one of the oldest: coffee. Produced in more than 50 countries and exported by Brazil, this black gold has been around since 400 BC when it was discovered that roasted beans made people happy! This means we can look forward to many centuries’ worth (barring any major production stops) because, after all… “Coffee fixes everything. One of the most popular beverages in the world is Coffee. Taking into account that every company tries to stand out from its competitors, there are a lot of unique coffee packages by many companies like hibags and you can see them on the shelves.

From simple coffee bags with short messages written on them, to very creative package designs, there are many unusual types of coffee packaging design.

Manta Coffee

Peru is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, with connoisseurs favoring peruvian blend for its full body, aromatic flavor, and bright acidity. When designer Alejandro Gavancho was tasked with coming up with packaging design for Manta Coffee, he knew it only made sense to incorporate this rich culture within their product range in order to bring attention back to why people love drinking these fine beverages so much about them.

A Specifically designed Brief ensured they could use vivid colors mixed together seamlessly, which matched perfectly how they roast all coffees from different origins into blends specifically tailored around individual tastes.

So The Lliklla, or “mantas’ ‘ as they’re known in Quechua, are brightly colored blankets that originated from prehispanic times. They are worn by millions of women throughout Peru and the Andes Mountains to keep them warm during cold nights spent at high altitudes shown in the packaging. It was this idea for an illustration tying together all these elements.

Rose Park Roasters

The most prevalent color that comes to mind when you think of a merging, dark and moody hue? It’s probably not white. But what better way is there for an establishment like Rose Park Roasters who are looking to stand out from all the noise by creating simple designs with crisp coffee filters – read more as we are going to define more about its packaging. 

This coffee brand has created a fresh and modern look with their new packaging. The color palette chosen for the design is perfect because it gives off that luxurious feel while still maintaining its clean lines throughout the product itself without being too overbearing on any one particular element of this presentation style. One thing I really appreciate about this company’s branding strategy was how they incorporated some unique creativity into their signature watercolor logo, which stands out among other companies who use similar designs-not only will you be able to identify them as yours if seen in store but also once memorized by customers chances are good there won’t come up anywhere else either!

Jetty Coffee Roasters

Jetty Coffee Roasters is a Los Angeles-based company that was founded in 2017. The founder of the brand, surfer Brien Baltzell asked designers at Ludlow Kingsley to not only help him come up with an awesome logo for his coffee but also name it! And they did such an incredible job- naming this wonderful product.

The eye-catching logo of this company is emblazoned on every bag they sell, which would make for an unforgettable purchase even if you weren’t buying coffee. The Jetty Navy Blue Logo has crisp, clean lines to mimic the horizon between sky and sea; it’s like something out of art history! For more information visit this site: f95zone

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The bags have a very elegant and glamorous feel to them, with their shiny silk finish. As for branding? It’s clear from the name that this company cares about the community – both local communities as well as those around the world who are less fortunate or don’t yet know they can use these bags too! Other ideas you can check on woopacking.

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