Cryptocurrency Exchange and its Ambitious Plans

Cryptocurrency exchanges are trying to adapt to the ever-changing environment, and is not an exception. The history of dates back to 2013. It is recognized as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Over the past nine years, the cryptocurrency exchange has become a myriad of services related to trading various major digital assets. With constant improvements, the cryptocurrency exchange has gained wide popularity and has accumulated more than 10 million users worldwide.

Aligned with these efforts, remains among CoinGecko’s top 10 digital exchanges in terms of cash flow and volume of trading..

One of the oldest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges has been working hard for some time now to build a be a more free, open, and innovative financial system. The team behind the crypto exchange mentioned above has decided to rebrand on its ninth anniversary.

A new era for

This change in branding is both a way of informing its customers that is always looking for emerging technology and an act of upward mobility that mirrors the values we stand for such as integration, originality, inclusivity, and a maturing understanding of the growing crypto economy.’s rebrand, which has a brand new logo, will be in the midst of a feature launch on ninth anniversary, including the official version of its Lite App and also the mini-app.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and its logo

One among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and its logo. A closer look at the platform’s new logo, people will find a mix of green and blue colors. In an application evolved by using, these colorations are stated to represent integrity, vitality, and reliability in’s capability to keep its phrase and promises.

Both from an internal and visual perspective, a combination of blue and green colors demonstrates the brand’s progress concerning underlying financial experience and technical strength.

The cryptocurrency alternate’s new brand consists symbol of a ¾ circle, representing the platform’s inclusive and open mindset. Besides, a symbol of a circle, followed by an inspired by a creative block item, symbolizes blockchains, which are delivered together, creating the G at the begin of the platform.

Furthermore,’s G letter holds symbolism itself, being each closure for an upgrade in the course of events or leap forward, as part of a bigger aspiration to hyperlink the sector and’s systems with decentralized technology. continues to trust that the virtual realm’s destiny will come down to trade in addition to progress in security.

The new slogan of named “gateway to crypto,” has already been established to be greater than an advertising and marketing phrase.

Via the rebranding, the platform targets to keep conveying to its users that its boom will handiest retain thanks to the connections expects to maintain with its customers. It has the ability to attain tremendous outcomes. The cryptocurrency trade demonstrates the tremendous capability to do as its venture states and unencumber wealth via crypto.’s NFT MagicBox is the sector’s first centralized non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform. Its NFT buying and selling platform consists of a Pioneer introduction platform and an auction platform. if you are interested in NFTs,  read this Panini NFT.

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