Dining Room Interior Design

The restaurant is for family dining. It is a room where all members can gather together at the same time. Therefore, building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน should take into account the arrangement of the dining room, so there should be enough space for all members. The area where the restaurant is located should be private. The decoration needs a light and airy atmosphere.

Interior dining room plan If you have ideas and plans ready from the contractor. Let’s build a house รับสร้างบ้าน can be formatted as needed

4.1 General layout of the dining room arrangement

The arrangement of the dining room can be arranged in many ways, namely, it is a formal dining room, elegant, or a separate ceremony room. Can sit and eat the baby at a time, break up one by one, or arrange a dining area in the kitchen. or in the same area as the food preparation section This arrangement is suitable for a small number of family members.

4.2 Furniture and the size of the furniture in the dining room

4.2.1 Dining Table

The dining table should be of sufficient size for the members. It looks comfortable sitting, not crowding each other or too far apart. The size of the dining table is determined as follows.

  1. Generally, the dining table has a height of 0.75 meters from the floor and a height from the seating area of ​​not more than 0.30 meters and not less than 0.20 meters.
  2. Determination of long spans The length of the table is derived from the size of the general use of people, i.e. 1 person will use an area of ​​not less than 0.65 meters and not more than 0.75 meters per person. 1.30 meters or 1.50 meters
  3. Determination of table width range to see from a long time If the length of the table does not exceed 1.50 meters, the width should be 0.90 meters – 1.00 meters.
  4. Determining the position of the legs and strapping the legs of the table takes into account the use while eating. and when finished eating The location of the chair must be kept out of the way. It makes sitting uncomfortable or is stuck in the legs of the person sitting. The form and shape are different, the design is centered on the edge of the table or the legs of the table. May use grooving or patterning.

4.2.2 Dining Chair

Dining chair is a chair with a relatively standard size for a guide to design other chairs based on the proportions of dining chairs. to be modified into a variety of sizes and shapes The size of the dining chair is width 0.45 meters, seat depth 0.42 meters, seat height 0.45 meters.

Generally, dining chairs do not need armrests. because it will clutter up when eating But sometimes, some chairs that want to be more authentic have extra armrests. In the armrest of the chair, the height from the seat is about m. Often designed to make the chair at the head of the table more special than others, for example, it has more armrests or a higher back or a special pattern than others.

4.2.3 Showcase (Sideboard)

Showcase is a cabinet for placement to show the whole shape of the cabinet. and things inside the cupboard A showcase can be a tall cabinet. or a short size, depending on the needs and rhythm of the placement As for the width of the cabinet, it is determined from the objects that are arranged or shown how wide the space is needed. or from the size of the available space for inside the dining room May arrange one side of the room as a showcase. Items and sets of glassware, cups and bowls that are grouped together. Collected and released from time to time can be displayed beautifully.

4.3 The arrangement of the furniture in the food section

The layout of the kitchen generally has a different layout as follows:

4.3.1. Single-sided or straight wall arrangement Commonly used in homes with limited space.

4.3.2. Two-sided wall-to-wall arrangement or L-shaped Applies to narrow and long kitchens.

4.3.3. Three-sided wall-to-wall or U-shaped arrangement is suitable for kitchens that are equilateral.

4.3.4. Parallel arrangement Used for kitchens where 2 doors are opposite each other.

Placement of furniture in the kitchen Should adhere to the principles of convenience, safety, hygienic and easy to clean.


The length of the dining table can be calculated from the usable area of ​​the space per person between 0.65 meters and 0.75 meters. If more people can extend the length. Around the dining table, there is an area for walking in and out or being able to serve food easily. In addition, the restaurant may add cabinets for displaying decorative items to be beautiful as well.

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