Everything You Need to Know About the Rising Gin NZ Industry

The gin industry in New Zealand is rapidly growing. The industry has come meandering from a handful of distilleries to about a hundred commercial distilleries in 2022. Plus, the growing popularity of gin NZ in the international space is sure to set it on a new path to success.

So, what has made this range of spirits so popular in the country? From delicate taste to a wide variety of flavours, gins from New Zealand have it all.

This article helps you know about the rising New Zealand Gin trend. To learn more about this thriving space, please keep reading.

The Gin NZ Trend

New Zealand’s craft distilling industry has been picking up speed in the past four to five years. Plus, it is one of the most expeditiously growing spirit industries. Although it is behind European distilleries regarding distribution number and reaches, it is rising rapidly.

The industry is new, and the process is educational and experimental. This has given rise to excellent flavours and a unique style of distillation.

Furthermore, the distillers add a local and modern twist with the old spirit. This has caught the attention of gin lovers worldwide, and it is selling in tonnes. So, the trend is not falling out any time soon.

An NZ Twist

Gin is a flavoured spirit with juniper berries as the primary ingredient. Distilleries add other berries, fruits, and spices with juniper berries to add flavours and improve the taste. Some distilleries also infuse additional elements if they are representative of a locally loved flavour.

If you are a gin enthusiast, you can travel through the distilleries in the country and try them. You can download a distillery map online and start your journey to discover some of the world’s best gin savours.

Popular Gin Cocktails

Gin in NZ has a distinct style, making it quite different from usual gin pairings like lesser-known tipples. Nonetheless, they go perfectly well with old-school techniques like Gin, Tonic, and Negroni. Below are some tried and loved gin cocktails:

  • Classic Dry Martini (Dry gin and Vermouth)
  • The Last Word (Gin, fresh lime juice, Maraschino, and Green Chartreuse)
  • White Lady (Dry gin, lemon juice, egg white, and Cointreau)
  • French 75 (Dry gin, lemon juice, sugar water, and champagne topping)

You can also drink gin with ice or any other drink you prefer. Furthermore, gin and juice have become popular in New Zealand over the past year.

New Zealand Gin Quality

New Zealand distilleries are improving their quality with every passing day. They have become incredibly high in the last year.

Generally, they are not mass-manufactured in factories since they are pretty new. So, you will find that most NZ gin is crafted in small batches. This means your gin will be of top-notch quality and will have the most exquisite taste.

Parting Thoughts

New Zealand’s gin industry is expanding in the country. It also makes an excellent reputation overseas and competes with some well-established gin industries like the UK.

New Zealand distilleries have a unique character, and they maintain high-quality standards. Further, they offer exquisite flavours and ranges. They also pair well with everything from classics to modern styles of cocktails like Gin and Tonic and White Lady.

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