Grocery Retailer Meijer Experiences Payment Processing Issues

If you have shopped at Meijer in the past few months, you may have experienced a transaction issue.

Meijer, an American supercenter headquartered in Walker, Michigan has been facing payment issues in the last several months. Customers complained that their bank cards were charged multiple times.

Working with reliable high-risk merchant account processors becomes especially important when payment processing issues like this occur because you want to make sure the matter is resolved quickly.

Customers Facing Meijer Issues with Payment Processing

In March, several customers reported the payment processing issue on social media. One couple from Grove City said that their card hit the maximum limit because of multiple charges after shopping at Meijer. Another customer was charged $1500 for a $68 purchase.

What was supposed to be a quick grocery run to help out a neighbor secure baby formula turned into a slew of problems and inconveniences. The following morning, Bethany Covert woke up to several random credit card charges with random totals from $0.10, $4, and more, all amounting to approximately $200.

Bethany Covert contacted Meijer customer support and was advised that she would receive a refund within 10 business days. This might have addressed the issue but was still an inconvenience for people experiencing financial trouble or those living paycheck to paycheck.

In May, customers in Miami Valley also reported checkout issues that resulted in double or multiple charges on their debit cards and credit cards. The same incident happened this month, leaving customers frustrated with the only option to use cash or leave their fully-loaded carts because of the same issue.

On June 10, Meijer released a statement, saying that Chase Bank is experiencing stability issues with their payment processing unit and unfortunately, Meijer is one of the affected retailers.

They also apologized to their customers for the frustration and inconvenience the issue has caused while assuring that Chase is continuously working to correct the issue.

A Meijer spokesperson added that all customers affected will be credited for the overcharges and this should reflect on their accounts by the middle of the week.

On June 13, a spokesperson from Chase stated that card processing has been restored and they are working on a solution for the people affected by this issue. They also apologized for the inconvenience caused to Meijer and its customers.

Merchant Account Provider Troubleshooting Support

When payment issues like this happen, merchants should be quick to assure their customers that the money will be credited to their accounts. However, it will take some time based on the standard refund processing time of the banking institution that supports your payment processing or merchant account.

When you work with a reliable payment processing company like First Card Payments, you are assured of getting the support that you need when faced with payment processing issues that could hamper your business relationship with your customers.

And for the customers, it is always a good idea to check their online banking to check for suspicious activities or unauthorized charges. Contact your debit card or credit card issuer right away if you notice overcharges or unauthorized charges to get your money back.

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