High Status or Not? Here Are 10 Status Symbol Examples

Did you know that the status of a person can benefit or hinder their chances of survival and reproduction?

It is natural for people to be drawn to items and people of high status because it can bring the senses of comfort and joy.

If you want to appear wealthy and make an impact on those around you, you should know what status symbols are.

Continue reading to discover some of the most common status symbol examples so that you can see how well-off you are!

1. Large Homes

One of the best status symbol examples in today’s world is the size of a person’s home.

Large homes are a good status symbol because it shows that you have the money to afford the land and the home. People used to measure success by the size of their homes. Large houses are a sign of high status because most people start with apartments and have to work their way up to something bigger.

If you are driving in a neighborhood with mansions and large houses, there is a lot of money and status on the streets. If you want to increase your status, consider getting a bigger home or moving.

2. Having a Lot of Money

Having an elevated status means that you have more money and items when compared to the general population.

Money is the most common measure of people’s success and when they have more of it, they tend to be more successful. It can be challenging to make a lot of money if you don’t have any to invest. Investing in the latest technology and real estate industry are two ways that billionaires have made money.

Walking around with a roll of cash can make you feel like you are of high status. However, many people in the top economic status have savings accounts with a lot more money that quickly grows interest and value.

3. Expensive Vehicles

Since vehicles can be so expensive, they are used as a status of wealth for many people.

Certain brands, like Ferrari, Porsche, and Tesla are known for being luxury cars that spare no expense. These vehicles can cost more than a house. If you own an expensive car or luxury brand, you will be considered to have a higher status.

Most people drive average cars that symbolize the middle-class. If you want to show off your status through your vehicles, make sure that they are cleaned and in excellent condition. Older makes and models of cars can be a status symbol because they increase in value over time if they are still functioning.

4. Free Time

When you think about the working class that is going from paycheck to paycheck, you don’t see them having much free time.

People with elevated status tend to have more free time than others. This is often because they run or own businesses and have staff keep daily functions going.

Having free time is a status symbol since time is money. If you aren’t doing anything with your time, you don’t have to worry about paying bills or getting food on the table.

If someone wasn’t of high status, they might have to work more than one job or have overtime hours each week.

5. Jewelry

Luxury jewelry has been considered to be a sign of wealth for a long time.

Queens, Pharaohs, and Kings wore jewelry to represent their people with the best image. The jewelry was often made with precious metals and stones that took hours to mold together. Jewelry will always be a status symbol because of the value of the gems and gold or silver used.

Finding a business that is selling a luxury watch is simple if you get support from sales staff and do research. Watches are another accessory that is similar to jewelry. Expensive watches that have diamonds and the latest technology can show people that you are someone to notice.

6. Impressive Job Titles

When you meet someone new, one of the first things that you probably tell them is what you do for a living.

Job titles are important because they show your experience and value to a company and community. If you meet someone with an executive or management role, you know that they are of higher status than the entry-level positions.

Careers can symbolize your status since many jobs require a lot of education or experience.

7. High-Quality Clothing

Clothing is one of the easiest ways that people show their success through their appearance.

Fine materials like silk and lace are delicate and expensive. People wearing these fabrics had access to money or the power to afford these expensive garments.

Take time to look at some of the most expensive clothing that you have and the cheapest clothing. The cheaper options are less durable, attractive, and comfortable.

8. Aged Wine & Spirits

Having old wine and spirits for guests will surely raise an eyebrow and catch someone’s interest.

Aged wine and spirits are a sign of wealth because it takes a lot of time and patience to preserve the bottles. Many people that have a lower status don’t have the money to save things for this long and might break into their stash before it is fully aged.

When people think about expensive and old bottles of wine, they think of high-status lifestyles.

9. Luxury Vacations

Going on expensive and exotic vacations is a sign of status because they are so expensive.

Not only must a person be able to afford to take time off of work, but they also need money saved to afford activities, food, and travel. Most people don’t take multiple vacations each year or go to other countries for a trip.

If you can afford to get these experiences, you likely have a higher status than most people.

10. Current Technology

Having the latest technology helps show people your status level.

Although some people like to hold onto a flip phone because it is simple and cheap, most wealthy people have the newest editions. New technology, like phones, laptops, and headphones can be expensive.

If someone has all of the latest technology for their pleasure and convenience they have elevated status.

What Status Symbol Examples Do You Have?

Knowing status symbol examples will help you determine how wealthy you are compared to people around you.

Although these status symbols are often materialistic items, some signs of wealth can’t be replaced. Free time, job titles, and the number of vacations can tell a lot about someone’s financial situation.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about having an elevated status and learning how to make more money!

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