How many lessons does it take to drive?

Many people, especially those who want to learn how to drive for the first time often come to me with questions like “how many lessons do I have to take before I’ll be able to drive?” Having been asked that question a lot, I realised that a lot of people who want to learn car driving are usually bothered by such thoughts. That’s why this article was written. At the end of this article, you’ll come to know how many lessons you’ll be required to take before you can start driving on your own.

The number of driving lessons one has to take depends on the individual. For example, if you have learnt driving before then you’ll have fewer lessons but if you haven’t learnt how to drive at all, then you’ll have more lessons. Additionally, the number of lessons you’ll have to take also depends on the individual because there are individuals who are fast learners and there are slow learners.

The number of driving lessons you’ll have to take before you’ll be allowed to start driving on your own is determined by your driving instructor and he/she will be able to get the accurate number of lessons you’ll need after your first lesson based on your confidence level, previous experience (i.e., if you have had any), and how long it takes you to learn and master the driving techniques.

Factors that determine your driving lessons

For individuals who want to learn how to drive faster, then there are certain factors you should look out for and if not properly watched after, could potentially increase the number of hours you’ll spend learning to drive. These factors include:

Fear or nervousness: if you easily get scared or nervous anytime you are behind the wheel, that’s a good indication that you might require long hours of training before you can become confident behind the wheels.

Dislike for driving: some people don’t like driving and they are now learning probably because it’s a needed requirement for something they want or maybe they just want the driver’s license. This attitude alone could potentially increase your instruction hours.

Driving lessons for new drivers

If you are new to driving with no experience in driving, it’s recommended that you take the safer driver course from a professional provider. For less confident learners and slow learners, you may have to book up to 20 hours worth of lessons because before you’ll be allowed to drive on your own, your instructors have to be sure that you have had a good grasp of everything you have learnt throughout your training period. This is done not only because they want you to be able to pass the driving test but also to ensure that at the end of the training, you’ll come out a competent and safe driver.

Driving lessons for drivers with some experience 

For individuals who are not entirely new to driving, i.e., you have learnt some level of driving from your family members or friends. For this set of people, depending on your driving skills, you may have 5 – 7 hours of driving lessons. That’s the required time needed by driving instructors to better tune your driving skills and also prepare you for your driving test.

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