How to protect your house from break-ins?

Homes are supposed to be safe zones. You are supposed to be in control. You are supposed to be able to rest easy knowing that your home, your possessions, and yourself will always be safe. However, this simply isn’t the case. It only takes a moment for something terrible to happen, but according to experts, including estate agents in Sittingbourne, there are small things you can do each day that may reduce the risk of a break-in and deter criminals on their way over. Protecting your house from break-ins isn’t automatic – it’s up to you!

Get to know those in your neighbourhood

Do you know the people on your street? Do they seem to recognise you as well? We’ve become a neighbourhood that is increasingly alienated, especially in densely populated areas where the nearest neighbour is just a voice behind a closed door. While this self-imposed isolation might be helping to beat down our stress levels, it also heightens our chances of being victims of crime. The more familiar people are with their neighbours, the greater security everyone experiences in knowing that if something goes badly, someone will likely be looking out for them.

Always lock your doors and windows

From the time that we’re little kids, our parents have been telling us something which becomes an unconscious habit — “always lock & close your doors and windows”. Of course, now you know why. Locking your doors and closing your windows not only protect you from undesirable elements outside but also add to the safety of your loved ones inside. When you’re home, always lock and close your doors and windows while you’re home. Leave your house lights on, as well. You want to give the appearance of a “happily lived-in” home or apartment.

Maintain your garden

Ground-level shrubs provide great spots for criminals to hide while they scope out the house they’re planning on breaking into. They also provide privacy to peeping Toms who are interested in what’s happening at your home. Get rid of these shrubs and replace them with something more useful.

Install high-security door system

People are often left at the mercy of high tech systems, but even still you can employ some of those old-fashioned solutions. It may sound redundant, but having good deadbolt locks is actually a key solution in preventing break-ins. Of course, having an alarm is also an important aspect of home security as well; just make sure that your home security guard system includes wireless sensors so you don’t get chipped away by thieves and vandals.

Secure the garage

Your garage door is an often-overlooked but popular entrance point for criminals. If a burglar can get into your garage, they have access to all that you have stored in there: lawn mower, bikes, and tools. Your car is also parked inside which has even more valuables. Cars are a big target for thieves because they often have wallets in them with a lot of valuable credit cards.

Secure your wifi

If you have a home wireless network, it could be putting your private information at risk. A wireless router is a doorway to your home and its networks – and if that router has been compromised, it can leave your home wide open. Houseguests, neighbours and even people passing by your house could be able to access your home Wi-Fi. As the number of internet-connected devices in your home grows, it will become increasingly difficult to protect them all. If a hacker gets into your wireless router and gains access to your Wi-Fi network, they could gain access to everything you own – from family photos to banking passwords.

Get security cameras

Cameras have become much more sophisticated, making it easier to catch crooks in the act. While crime is increasing across the country, security cameras are becoming more popular too. Replacing home alarm systems, there are many reasons to own a camera such as keeping an eye on pets or deterring burglars from entering your home or business. Security cameras have a lot of different uses, but most people install them to protect themselves against theft. They’re also used to monitor anyone that enters your home while you’re away. If a burglar breaks in, they can be seen by security camera footage which can help police identify the suspect and make an arrest, or help you identify your porch pirate and make them pay.

There are no guarantees that a break-in will be avoided, but these tips can certainly help. The main thing to remember is that “keeping an eye out” isn’t the same thing as a comprehensive security plan. Whether you hire a professional security firm or just start taking these measures yourself, it’s important to get started so you can start relaxing a bit more from now on.

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