Interesting Facts about Vedic Astrology

Based on the Vedas, Vedic astrology is all about the belief that the stars and planets have a strong impact on our lives. As per Hindu teachings, life is meant for spiritual development.

The spiritual development or growth is partially aided by karma. Karma is the theory that each thought and action has an equivalent reaction.

As per the Vedas, the Karma of an individual is directly associated with the placements of celestial bodies. Hence, astrology is the way to know anybody’s karma by examining these placements. Keep reading the post to learn interesting facts related to Vedic astrology in depth.

It has been there for many thousand years

According to the evaluations from the Puranic period and the archeological proof, Vedic astrology is nearly 5000 BC years old. Vedic astrology was originally recorded in the ancient scripture known as Rig Veda.

It is hard to know the correct date of astrology because of the transmission of knowledge and Hindu Scripture from one generation to another with no scripting in the text.

It is distinct from western

There are differences between Vedic and western astrology. There are no distinctions among the planets in both astrology versions. However, western astrology considers the placement of the ruling planet, while Vedic astrology considers the placement of every planet to foretell the future.

In the western version, those born under a similar ruling planet may experience a similar future. In Vedic astrology, the situations of every planet together impact the future, and thus, the lives of every individual are different.

There is a major role of the moon in Vedic astrology

Planets are celestial bodies that have an impact on the destiny of humans. While the moon is a natural satellite, it is acknowledged as the planet since it directly affects humans on destiny. As per Vedic astrology, the moon is a vital planet in the natal chart. It plays a major part in the astrology domain when predicting the fate of humans.

Vedic astrology is comprised of planets, signs, and houses

In total, there are nine planets, twelve zodiac signs, and twelve houses in Vedic astrology. According to the natal chart, all the zodiac signs are allotted among the twelve houses, and nine planets are positioned in various houses.

The planet and the house together decide the individual future. Thus, Vedic astrology is all about understanding the meaning of this arrangement in the life of a human being.

Planets are divine beings

This is the most interesting and impressive fact about Vedic astrology. The nine planets (Navagraha) are seen as divine beings or deities that impact one’s life in Hindu astrology. Hence, Navagraha is the Vedic deity that can affect various aspects of life. Therefore, the nine planets are worshipped to diminish the consequences caused because of the inauspicious placement of the planets.

These were the five interesting facts about Vedic astrology. We hope that you enjoyed reading them. Now let us move forward and learn a little about astrologers.

Who are Astrologers?

Astrologers are people who foretell future events by comprehending the placements of the celestial bodies in our natal chart. In general, an astrologer makes a horoscope for the time of a life event like a person’s birth. The astrologer then interprets the various heavenly bodies and their situations at the instant of the event for comprehending the traits of that individual.

Astrologers have a deep insight into astrology and know well that its fundamental principle is mapping of the person with the cosmos.

A horoscope or astrology chart portrays a map of the cosmos at the time while you were born. It focuses the person at its center, with the moon, the sun, and other planets seen as that individual’s stars or planets. All these heavenly bodies are distinctively associated with the person only.

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