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Reasons to Choose Decra Mabati for Construction

Homeowners go for eminent roofing tiles. Decra mabati is one of the most growing types in Kenya. It has the utmost outlook and high performance. This product has thoughtful design and performance ideas that will fortunately drive you to consider your selection. This article will reveal the reasons to choose Decra mabati.

Decra mabati have enjoyed a good history, and the future looks even brighter. Decra utilises ‘Quantum Coating Technology’ to manufacture roof tiles. The primary materials comprise of steel coated with natural stone chips. This approach combines the benefits of both metal tiles and stone roof tiles for outrageous results. Below are reasons to opt for Decra mabati.

Beautiful and Enduring

Distinctive, beautiful and sustainable mabati is the roofing tile of choice for quality and longevity. Its aesthetics have been highly valued for many years, and are so today, with decorative colours and profiles. Unlike other roofing tiles, Decra mabati reliably holds its colour and maintains its beauty over a very long lifespan.


Decra mabati has more to offer than just good looks. Decra roofs are exceptionally resistant to water, frost, fire, wind and insect damage. They can last for centuries. When a building owner invests in an adequately installed Decra roof, it is the last roof they will ever need to buy. This roof tile makes it costly in the list of Decra mabati prices in Kenya.


There is no roofing tile with more versatility than Decra mabati. Its basic materials can be moulded wood shakes, wood stone and shingle-style slat, along with more traditional shaped profiles. It will suit anyone’s need for their desired design. There is a perfect match for every architectural style.

Energy Efficiency

In virtually every climate and geographic area, Decra mabati provide top-notch thermal properties. It reduces heat loss or gain. Natural air ventilation under the tiles generates a heat transfer barrier that helps cool a house during extreme temperatures. Decra roofs lower energy cost by as much as 20%.


Decra mabati is made of raw materials that do not deplete limited natural resources. It contains no preservatives. Undesired producecan be immediately recycled back into the manufacturing process instead of landfilled.

Quick and Easy Installation

Labour costs are one of the most significant expenses associated with renovating or installing roofs. Decra mabati overcomes this challenge and offer consumers great value for money.

Minimal Maintenance

Decra roof tiles require little to no maintenance. It thus means that you and your bank account can rest easy. They are also quick and easy for professionals to replace if any part is cracked or damaged.

Solid Investment

Decra roofs offer great value when the cost per year of use is characteristic. While upfront costs are higher, customers who choose Decra mabati will enjoy the aesthetics, quality and reliable roofing for a lifetime.


A good roof structure entails high-level security with utmost adaptable features. This means while seeking a roof tile, always ensure you have the right ideas in mind for appropriate choice selection. Choose Decra for satisfactory results.

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