Seven Unconventional Careers That Pay Exceptionally Well

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But jobs do. More than 158.4 million Americans are employed outside of institutional facilities.

Many people work average jobs in offices throughout the country. There’s nothing wrong with these jobs, but you can be bold. You can examine a few unconventional careers that advance your skills and pay a lot of money.

What are some good unconventional careers in the casino industry? What are some scientific, medical, and artistic jobs you can consider? What background and skills do you need to work in each job?

Answer these questions and you can become one of many people with unconventional careers. Here are seven jobs you can consider.

1. Bookie

A bookie handles sports betting amongst private individuals. Bookies place bets for customers and keep their money safe until the result of the game is clear. They decide what the odds for different sports events are, and they can create prop bets for players to gamble on.

Some bookies do not work for a casino and instead run their operations online or out of their homes. You can use apps and build your own website in order to run your business.

Many people ask, “How do bookies make money?” They charge fees for their services and keep the money that bettors lose. You can make tens of thousands of dollars a year if you have a good client base, and you can try sports betting yourself.

2. Bingo Manager

A bingo manager is one of the best unconventional careers because you have the backing of a casino. You will manage and direct bingo games and approve the jackpots that players win. You get a consistent salary with benefits, and you can learn more about gambling.

State and federal gambling regulations affect how bingo games are run. You need to know these regulations and adjust your operations so they don’t violate the law.

As a manager, you need to work with a large group of people. You need to supervise the people who are running the bingo games, and you need to talk with customers. You should have a few years of experience in managing organizations before you apply to be a manager.

3. Meteorologist

A meteorologist is a weather scientist. They examine the atmospheric phenomena on Earth and determine what the weather will be like.

You may have seen meteorologists on television giving weather forecasts. You can become a television meteorologist, but you can also work for an organization like NOAA or the National Weather Service. You can use satellites and government technology to track natural disasters and send warnings to local governments.

Meteorologists have a mean annual wage of more than $93,000, with television meteorologists making even more. The job market is expanding, especially in vulnerable areas like coastal communities that face natural disasters.

4. Art Therapist

An art therapist helps patients use art to express themselves and improve their mental health. It is one of the most difficult careers for unconventional people, but it can be fulfilling. You can develop your skills as an artist while helping resolve problems like anxiety and eating disorders.

You will need training as a therapist and as an artist before you become a licensed art therapist. You may need a master’s degree, though you can work in an art therapist’s office with a bachelor’s degree.

Besides knowledge of art and therapy, you need to be able to adapt to your clients’ needs. You may need to conduct therapy sessions at someone’s house, or you may need to avoid triggering material. Most therapists make more than $30,000 a year.

5. Bereavement Coordinator

Bereavement coordinators assist families who have recently lost loved ones or have terminally ill loved ones. A coordinator can help a family with their grief, plan a funeral, and file papers on behalf of family members.

Coordinators are different than grief counselors. Coordinators assist families with practical tasks after someone dies, while counselors provide psychological therapy. However, you can be a coordinator and a counselor, especially if you have a background in therapy.

You can find a job in a hospital, hospice center, or nursing home. Salaries vary, but you may make $50,000 or more per year.

6. Clinical Ethicist

Clinical ethicists work with doctors and patients to make ethical decisions on medical treatments. You can review the ethical codes at hospitals and determine recommendations for them. Some hospitals have ethical panels to investigate the ethics of particular cases.

Ethicists deal with controversial issues like assisted suicide, stem cell research, and tissue cloning. You must have background knowledge of these issues and study recent developments in them. You can have your opinions about these issues, but you must stay impartial while you are giving recommendations.

It may be difficult to find a job as an ethicist. Yet many positions pay well, and you can double as a chaplain or another official.

7. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters prepare written materials for clients under their names. Some writers write blog posts, autobiographies, and novels.

However, you can specialize in a particular kind of material. You can write profiles for people’s online dating pages, and you may be able to make $25 per hour. You can also write poetry or songs for publishing presses and studios.

Most ghostwriters work hourly and get paid based on the work they do. You can become a ghostwriter without formal training, and you can earn more money over time.

The Best Unconventional Careers

The wide range of unconventional careers may surprise you. The gambling industry is a hub of unconventional jobs, including bookies and bingo managers. You can also find unusual jobs in the sciences, especially in medical institutions.

Becoming an art therapist or a clinical ethicist requires years of training. If you’re looking to get started on work right away, you can try becoming a ghostwriter. You will work hourly at first, but you can earn a lot of money soon.

There are a lot of career options at your fingertips. Read more career guides by following our coverage.

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