Six Benefits of a Large Room Humidifier

Breathing in dry air can be really uncomfortable. Your nose feels dry, your throat feels scratchy, and you constantly feel parched. Dry air makes your skin feel dehydrated and cracked. Especially during those colder seasons of the year, you might find when you sleep at night that you wake up coughing and thirsty. Or, if you are running an air conditioner during the summer, this can cause the air to be more dry. A large room humidifier can help add moisture into the air and prevent irritation to the nose, throat, and skin.

Reduces airborne viruses and Bacteria

Studies have shown that having humidity in the air can help reduce airborne viruses and bacteria. Many experts say that the flu and other illnesses may be spread by small droplets in the air. These droplets are dispersed with coughing and sneezing by someone who is ill. Increased humidity in the air to a certain level helps reduce the effectiveness of airborne viruses and bacteria. It is especially helpful to have a large room humidifier during the winter months when sickness tends to be more common.

Covers large Spaces

A humidifier made for large rooms can cover a lot of square footage without taking up too much space itself. There are humidifiers that are only about a foot tall and a foot wide that can cover places in your house such as your living room, bedroom, or basement. These smaller sized ones can cover up to 500 square feet of space. Another great feature is that they can run for 50 hours straight before you need to refill with more water. Once the water runs out, they will automatically shut off until you get around to filling it with more water. This is to prevent the motor inside from running continuously without any moisture. It’s size is perfect for the corner of a room or right next to your bed. You won’t even notice it’s there masstamilan.

Add essential Oils

Some humidifiers even let you add essential oils to them. They come with a tray on the side where you can add a few drops of your favorite scents and fill the room with a pleasant or soothing essential oil. While using a large room humidifier when you are sick, you can add soothing oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon to help provide some relief. To help you sleep at night, adding chamomile and lavender can help relax your body and get some rest. Essential oils that may be good for motivation and mood are sweet orange, spearmint, and thyme. These are perfect for your living room or office space that needs a humidifier expotab.

Soothes when Sick

No one likes being sick. And the more dry the air is, the more irritation you have in your nose, throat, and chest. Having a large room humidifier can help soothe irritation due to coughing and congestion. You might experience discomfort from cracked lips, dry cough, scratchy throat, and sinus congestion while sick. Humidity adds moisture into the air to eliminate the dry air you are breathing in. Having a humidifier can soothe the parts of your body that are irritated by the lack of moisture in the air.

Helps with Allergies

Common allergy symptoms include nasal congestions, irritation, and inflammation. Using a humidifier can help provide comfort and soothe irritation caused by allergies. Humidity can help thin out the mucus, so it can drain and be flushed out of your system. However, when you are using a humidifier to soothe symptoms,  you will want to make sure you keep it clean. Make sure to consistently rinse out the water tray and use vinegar to remove any hard water residue. If your humidifier isn’t clean, it’s adding more harmful bacteria, dust, and pollen into the air instead of doing the opposite. Also, you want to make sure you don’t overrun your humidifier. Too much moisture can create an environment for dust mites and mold. By having a balance of running it and not running it will help keep a healthy and moisturized environment.

Helps prevent Nosebleeds

Some people get nosebleeds and headaches when the air is dry. Keeping moisture in the air will help prevent nosebleeds and headaches caused by dry air. Humidifiers are perfect for when you are sleeping at night or working in your office where the air irritates your nose and sinuses.

Take care of You

Large room humidifiers can help you take care of yourself and other members of your family who are affected by dry air. They cover large spaces, help with allergies, and nosebleeds. The moisture in the air can soothe parts of your body when you are sick. And when you want to reap the benefits of essential oils, just add a few drops in the tray to fill the room with your favorite scents. Keep your home or office from getting dry by adding moisture into the air with humidifiers.

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