Starting a Car Wash Business ?Consider These Types of Car Wash Machines.

The cleaning and day-to day maintenance of vehicles has evolved from the manual washing done in the past years. Using machines in cleaning vehicles is not a new thin .Innovation has enabled the making of a variety of machines for such tasks. The type of machine purchased depends on the specific needs of the buyer.This article talks more about various types of washing machines in this field.


Running a car wash business can be a daunting task, especially with limited knowledge about the field. Business owners in such businesses need to buy equipment that answers to the customers’ specific needs.Machines used in the car wash are usually of various types depending on the nature of their task, the type of nozzle and source of energy they use. Each machine is made with specific functions in mind .This article is about the types of machines used in the car washing business.

Touchless Car wash machines

These are handled by trained personnel and don’t need human interference when working. They use optimized spray patterns to give the vehicle excellent cleaning. They also combine special washing chemicals to give a high pressure and low water volume spraying that minimizes water wastage. The wash bay in which they operate is unobstructed, thus accessible for any vehicle.

Drive-through wash systems

These are car washing systems which clean the vehicle as it moves through the wash bay. They have specific brushes that scrub and clean the vehicle as it moves through the machine to the other side.One drives through them as their vehicle is cleaned. They are usually huge in size and expensive to maintain. The fact that their prices are among the highest in the car washing machine prices in Kenya is a hindrance to their adoption.

Self-serve systems

These systems are usually a combination of automatic and manual systems. These features enable one to serve himself. They are usually found in automotive dealerships and hand car wash sites. They are available in various customizations and can be used for a variety of services. These machines are common in Kenya, especially in small scale and average establishments.

Rollover machines

These machines do not need human intervention when working.Theyworkautomatically and use electricity. They can be used for wheel washes and soft washes and come in many options. Although they are very efficient, their large size makes them unfavorable for small scale washing businesses.

Tunnel car washes

These machines are high output and are made for large scale car wash businesses. They are an asset in the business due to their reduced waiting time and work rate. They can work on 20-100 cars in an hour and provide very high level finish.


Car washing equipment is an essential factor in any car service business. These machines are usually very technical and require personnel to be trained before working. The equipment used in this field is usually expensive and needs utmost maintenance and care.Car washing business operators should do thorough research and choose the machines that best suit their needs. Also consider vacuum cleaners to add to your car wash business to supplement your income.

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