The Best Neighborhoods in Albany for Young Professionals

Starting out can be difficult for anyone. As a young professional, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck deciding between a million different cities, but Albany can make that decision easier for anyone.

Not only is this awesome New York City one of the best places to live: it’s perfectly prepared for young professionals. These are the best neighborhoods here, and why you should consider calling this area home!

Why Albany?

Although the entire state of New York has a lot to offer job seekers, Albany is a cut above the rest! With a healthier job market than most cities and a larger average annual salary than the national average: living here promises you the chance to live comfortably.  

If you’re starting out in your field, there are plenty of companies hiring within the city looking for both remote and in-office workers. Albany has awesome schools for anyone considering raising a family and a great downtown for those who would rather go out and party on the weekends. If you’re not sure where to go, this could be your dream city!

Center Square

The top-rated home neighborhood in the city, Center Square, is perfect for young professionals who are immediately ready to start a family. With inexpensive housing, the best nightlife in Albany, and a good amount of entertainment for families, you’d be amazed at what you can find in Center Square. 

The population of this area is just over three thousand people, which leaves plenty of space to spread out and relax on your own property if you decide to buy a home. 

Hudson Park

This slightly more dense area is a fantastic place to enjoy feeling like you’re in a tight-knit community. Albany houses for sale here are far more affordable than those in Center Square, and it’s one of the top-rated areas for those wanting to start a family. The nearby schools, incredible parks, entertainment, and fantastic architecture make this a beautiful and entertaining place to live.  

Park South 

Park South is the perfect balance between fun and work. Although most people who live here are renters, it’s close to some of the top employers in the city and has the youngest population of people who live in Albany. This is an incredibly affordable place to live, which is great if you haven’t won the income that you’re aiming for in your career.

Washington Park

Washington Park is an awesome place to live for young professionals who aren’t sure whether or not they’re ready for kids yet. Although the public schools aren’t great here, the nightlife, diversity, and hiring options will ensure you never run out of things to see and do while you’re here! Washington Park should be any single young professional’s top choice when moving to Albany!

Albany Has So Much to Offer You!

Whether you’re more concerned with starting a family or you’re excited to dive into a new career, there’s an area in Albany for anyone! Consider making a move and calling this city home soon.

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