The Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands

Whenever anyone mentions the topic of luxury watch brands, Switzerland is surely the first thing that flickers to mind. This country has an unrivaled dominance in the luxury watch market, and the “Swiss Made” hallmark follows strict guidelines to keep it in place.

So, there will be, of course, many Swiss-made watches in this exploration of the top 10 luxury watch brands. But, can you guess which one will take the top spot? Read on to find out if your prediction is correct!

10. Tudor

For those who don’t know, Tudor watches are a sister company attached to Rolex! So if you were thinking these watches look similar to Rolex design, you’re right!

The main point of Tudor watches is to be a more affordable option. Yet, they pack in a luxury feel and aesthetic.

9. Zenith

With the company founded in 1865, Zenith watches have been worn by many famous historical figures. We’re talking about people such as Gandhi for instance.

Nowadays, there’s a great selection of modern and more classic Zenith designs. And with many, you can see their internal workings.

8. A. Lange & Söhne

Lange & Söhne is a German company that makes beautiful classic-looking timepieces. And as you can expect, they work with German precision.

We recommend watch brands like this to anyone who desires simple and sleek elegance on their wrist.

7. Cartier

Cartier does make some incredible watches alongside their well-known jewelry creations. Two of their watches are especially timeless in nature.

A good recommendation is their Tank Watch. Also, the Santos de Cartier watch is superb.

6. Bulgari

Bulgari is a fashion house. But, they also produce exquisite luxury watches.

Be aware you might see the brand name spelled “BVLGARI.” But, whatever the case, they have some stunning watches on offer.

5. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is a true epitome of luxury watch brands. And, yes, you guessed it: it’s Swiss.

It’s a watched brand steeped in family tradition. Both the Piguet and Audemars family still own the brand.

4. Omega

if you’re a fan of a particular fictional Scottish spy, you’ll know about Omega. This watch brand has an excellent reputation.

The Swiss company never fails to deliver practical elegance with its watch designs.

3. Tissot

Tissot made the top three because they’re beautiful, classic, and practical. They also are Swiss-made and they have many options.

For instance, you can find classic, sport, heritage, and pocket watch options to name a few.

2. Rolex

You might have thought Rolex would make the top spot? We think it’s just about recently lost its crown.

However, there’s mistaking a Rolex as one of the purest symbols of luxury in the world. Plus, they are a great investment.

1. Patek Philippe

So our number one luxury watch brand is Patek Philippe. It’s a Swiss watchmaker and they make some of the most gorgeous watches in the world!

Anyone who wears a Patek Philippe means business. But, wearing a Patek Philipe also shows you have good taste.

The Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands

Now you know our top 10 luxury watch brands. And for versatility, Tissot has to be the winner.

So thanks for checking out this article. If you like what you read, check out our blog.

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