What To Do After Being Involved In A Parking Garage Auto Accident?

Accidents often occur in open public places like roads, streets, and even in intersections, but that does not stop the occurrence of unfortunate events elsewhere. Like personal accidents like slip-and-falls in a closed area, auto accidents can happen in a garage and result in heavy losses and damage to the vehicle. If there are passengers in the victim’s vehicle, there are chances for possible injuries, too, so the negligent driver can be held liable by law.

Unlike car accidents in public places, a parking garage auto accident can be considered a hit and run case since the negligent party might not be present if he had damaged the vehicle when the vehicle owner was not in the same proximity so the victim can claim compensation.

In case your vehicle got damaged from a parking garage auto accident, you can search for a car accident lawyer near me on Google to get the contact from an experienced attorney in your area.

Here are the things to do after getting involved in a parking garage auto accident:

  • Look for damages

You have to check if the accident resulted in any damages or injuries to the victim. Even minor injuries to the passengers inside the vehicle can be considered, and the negligent driver can be held accountable for minor injuries. Additionally, the victim is advised to document all the damages incurred to be held as evidence when filing for an insurance claim.

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  • Contact the police

Since you might not know the negligent party, which caused the accident when you were not around, contacting the police is essential so that they can investigate the accident by gathering CCTV footage and reaching out to the witness. Even if you were present when the accident took place, police help is needed to tackle the case legally with professional support.

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  • Approach an attorney

Although the police might help gather evidence and relevant information, seeking an attorney’s help is essential because an attorney will get the best deal as fair compensation for the losses incurred from the parking garage auto accident with all the gathered information, including the formal police report. If injured, even a medical report might help.

Even if you meet with an accident in a parking garage, you have the right to seek an insurance claim. Having an attorney by your side will smoothen the legal procedures.

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