What you don’t need to fix before selling your house

When people want to sell their houses, there are certain things they must do and fixing their houses is one of the things they must do if they want the house to be appealing to their potential buyers.

When it comes to fixing the house, there are certain essential things that should be fixed and those things when fixed will ultimately increase the value of the house. However, there are also things you shouldn’t bother fixing because even when you fix them, they don’t increase the value of the house and it’ll only mean that you spent money rather than investing it to get returns. Surprised? I guess so. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I’ll be telling you about the things you don’t need to fix before selling your house.

Things you don’t need to fix before selling your house

Whether you are an investor or not, nobody likes investing in anything that will not give an appreciable return let alone depreciate. Before you go about fixing things in your house, the best practice is to ask a top local agent in your area and from their answer, you’ll be able to know the things to fix and the things you shouldn’t fix. In this section, you’ll find some of the things you shouldn’t consider fixing before selling your house because they don’t add to or improve the value of your house.

Cosmetic defects

Cosmetic issues include minor cracks in the floor tiling, normal wear and tear, a few scratches on the floor, etc. The thing here is, most sellers do not understand that these kinds of defects are not uncommon and sometimes some buyers even expect some of those defects when inspecting the house. Most times there really is no need to address such issues except there is any underlying problem causing the defect then it can be addressed. Rather than fixing some of these things, it’ll be a wiser move to lower the price of the house.

Electrical problems 

Yes, it’s important to fix electrical faults in a house before listing it for sell but before you go ahead investing in fixing all the electrical problems in the house you’ll have to first determine whether it’s a minor or major problem. If it’s a major problem, then you must fix it before selling it, otherwise, skip it. The electrical issues you should fix before putting your house up for sale include dangling light fixtures, exposed wires, sparking outlets, etc., but if it’s just a wobbly socket, you can skip it.

Walkway or driveway crack

Curb appeal is essential if you want to sell your house, it makes the potential buyer want to inspect your house but a lot of people mistake curb perfection for curb appeal. You don’t necessarily need to make your curb appeal perfect, especially where it concerns cracks on your walkway or driveway. There are certain areas where there is a lot of soil movement and in such areas, hairline cracks are expected. Additionally, such defects won’t scare away your buyers so you can also skip on fixing it.


There are a lot of things you shouldn’t consider when you are fixing your house and preparing your house for sale that’s why the best thing to do is to ask your agent to tell you the necessary things to fix so you don’t go ahead fixing things that won’t add value to the house and will result in becoming a loss rather than gain.

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