Winter Vegetables Planting: Six Crops

Winter is so cold for some vegetables to sprout and grow harvest. For your vegetables, it may be covered with simple long fabric on the frame of PVC pipes or metal hoops, you can also start container growing, like grow bags, put them in greenhouse and indoor, or grow them directly in the ground, and used grow tunnel to keep them warm.


Spinach, a kind of vegetable with rich nutrition, will grow very well within three months even in cold winter. They are very palatable and delicious, whatever you fry them or cook in hotpot. Spinach is cold resistant, it’s very simple to get started, you can sow seeds into soil directly. It should be noted that the underground fertilizer is must given enough,so Spinach can grow very fat and fast. There are many advantages to grow spinach, for example, spinach has plentiful nutrition constituent, would be very beneficial to human health. Of course, they are also tasted very good. And they are easy to be organized and picked up, and planted not only in winter but also other seasons.


Collard is started with growing from seeds. You can start earlier to sprout seeds on August. You can also start on October, but you should create a warm greenhouse for their growing. The taste of collard will be improved. Select some seeds in good condition and put them in soil, cover them with 0.2-0.4. When the seedlings have five or six leaves, we can transplant them.


Carrots In autumn and winter, carrots will have fewer pests and diseases, relatively speaking, it is not so serious, so carrots are easy to be planted and managed. There are many ways to eat carrots, like fry, cook, pickle for storage. Carrots are generally planted from August to September, and they can be planted directly in autumn. If the moisture is good, the sprouting and seedlings are still very fast.


Lettuce is generally cultivated by planting seedlings. Choose good growth and shiny small lettuce seedlings and put them in the soil with good drainage, lightly press the soil and water it. Lettuce should not be exposed to too much light, and direct sunlight or light should be kept away as much as possible, otherwise the stems and leaves will be excessive growth and leaves will become hard, which will effect the taste. When removing the side buds of lettuce, you should choose to do it on a sunny day. If rain falls into the buds, the leaves of the lettuce will turn yellow.


Argula is a kind of very common vegetables, which is very delicious. Like spinach, argula is also cold-resistant, so it is easier to plant. And its growth cycle is not too long. Within one month after budding, you can pick them, very conveniently. For this kind of vegetable, it’s natural and organic. In the aspect growing, its growth capability is very strong, so gardeners prefer to plant as they can get harvest very soon.

Chinese Cabbage

Cabbage is highly adaptable, both heat- and cold- resistant. You can also start from seeds planting, after the seed sprouted, you can transplant them. Remember that you should water them after transplanted, which will promoting the growth of roots. Cabbage have a high demand to fertilizer and water.

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