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E have been many iconic scorers in Serie A history, but Gonzalo Higuain’s scoring achievement stands out against all others. It is he who holds the league record for the number of goals scored in one season. By the way, now you can try all bitcoin betting on 1xBit for matches of Serie A. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and hit a big jackpot.

So, Higuain set his record in the season 2015/16. Then, in one season, he managed to hit the rivals’ goal 36 times. Thanks to this, he blocked the achievement of Riva, which lasted for several decades.

Despite the exploits of its striker and main star, Napoli in that season was unable to displace Juventus from the champion throne. The team was in the lead in the standings for a long time, but it made a few misfires at the finish line, which was taken advantage of by a more venerable competitor.

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As for Higuain, after such an impressive season, the Argentine moved to Juventus for 90 million euros. There he was not bad, but didn’t demonstrate his previous scoring feats. As a result, after a couple of years, the Old Signora parted with the striker without any regrets and let him go completely free of charge.

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As for Higuain’s scorer record, it became possible thanks to:

  1. Great forward’s experience. He had several successful years in Real Madrid. The transition to Napoli didn’t become a step back for him, and the striker was able to fully demonstrate his skills.
  2. The confidence of the head coach. Maurizio Sarri has always trusted the Argentine. He gave the striker the freedom of action he needed and Gonzalo paid for it with goals scored.
  3. Excellent teamwork. At that time a really cool team gathered in Napoli — Insigne, Callejon, Mertens, Hamshik. They all helped Higuain, and the striker scored regularly.

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