Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Sneakers

Are you itching for a fresh pair of kicks? Buying sneakers is a treat, but how do you know what to look for in a good shoe?

Sneakers are versatile and mesh perfectly with athletics and leisure. Get the most out of form and function before you even enter a store. Narrow down your choices from the sea of sneakers.

Whether you’re a newbie in the footwear scene or a veteran waiting for a new shoe release, here is our ultimate guide on how to buy sneakers.

1. Durability

A sturdy pair of shoes can last you between a year and twenty, depending on your care and use. Buying cheap shoes might seem like you’re saving, but consider how long they will last.

Investing in a durable pair of shoes gives you more bang for your buck. Some tips for buying shoes are doing a folding test in the store and using them for their intended purpose. Also, familiarize yourself with cow leather, the most used sneaker material.

Cow leather is durable, stretchy, and flexible. Some sneakers comprise synthetic fibers, suede, or denim. Inspect the seams for any cracks in the adhesive or rubber skeleton.

2. Comfort

Now that you know that a good pair of shoes should last you a long time, it’s time to weigh in the comfort factor.

Did you know that feet expand throughout the day? Think about how small your feet are and how they carry the weight of your entire body. This is the reason for expansion, and it no doubt increases the more active you are or during hot weather.

A good way to remedy this growing problem is to fit shoes during the afternoon to night time when buying shoes.

Explore your foot shape as you may have a neutral, flat, or high arch. Depending on this, your feet will require different points for support. These differences may seem subtle but impact your comfort levels in the long run.


Walk with confidence and walk with style. Sneakers are perfect for casual wear but class it up, and they pass for smart casual. Shop on for stylish classics and keep up with the latest sneaker trends.

We all know how to dress in casual sneakers; they are a tried and tested formula. Blinding white sneakers are making a comeback and have a fresh vibe. Go for worn-out sneakers for a laid-back style.

Go for more sleek models to spruce up your outfit to smart casual. Try suede sneakers with a contrast sneaker piping. Color coordinate your more flashy sneaker pieces with statement pieces of your outfit.

4. Purpose

Sneakers are versatile shoes. Not only are they stylish, but they are also functional. Before checking out at the counter, try on your shoes, simulating what you want to use them for.


You’ve got the form down pat; let’s now go to function. How is your lifestyle; are you active or sedentary?

If you’re an active individual who likes to go on hikes, you need sneakers that can survive the wear and tear.

Boots are a mainstay for hiking and climbing due to the grip and protection they provide. While you shouldn’t use sneakers for rock wall climbing, sneakers are perfect for trekking slopes and trails.

Find yourself sneakers with good arch support and thick soles that can tough out the terrain. Long socks are an option, but opt for high-cut sneakers to add protection against insect bites.


Gear up with the right sports shoes! Sneaker styles accommodate running, skateboarding, basketball, and a myriad of other athletic activities.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to have about half an inch of wiggle room in the shoe. Make sure you fit the shoe while wearing the socks you typically wear while doing the activity. The right shoes shouldn’t have any pressure points while fitting and during movement.

5. Stationary lifestyle

The beauty of the versatility of sneakers is that they aren’t only for athletic use. Stationary has different meanings. You might spend your time seated or standing up for prolonged periods.

While you may not notice it immediately, your shoe choice can affect your spine over time. For instance, heels force your feet into an unnatural position, eventually disrupting your spine’s natural curve.

If your lifestyle requires you to stand up for long periods, opt for shoes with a cushioned midsole. It is essential to distribute body weight across the balls of the feet and the heel to stay comfortable throughout the day.

If you work in an office and spend most of the day sitting down, you might think that footwear has little to no impact on your posture. On the contrary, your feet still play a role in body weight distribution and balance.

Opt for a comfortable and cushioned pair to ensure you aren’t putting undue stress on your joints. It’s best to find sneakers with a cushioned heel as your heel absorbs most of your foot pressure while sitting down.

Company Policy

Quality shoes are an investment. Some people don’t have the luxury of trying the shoes in the store. Buying sneakers online comes with a risk, even if you have a frame of reference and went through thorough reviews.

Purchase from a flexible shoe brand for any hiccups along the way. Check out their company return policy and purchase at your level of buyer comfort.

Buying Sneakers Has Never Been this Easy

Buying sneakers doesn’t have to be a simple routine of replacement. Weigh how sturdy the shoe is and whether it is comfortable enough for you to commit to for a long time. Scope for sneakers that fit your style: trendy, classic, casual wear, or smart casual wear.

Never separate form from function; find the pair that fits both. To learn more about the latest footwear trends and hacks, check out our other blog posts.

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