10 Ways to Make Exercising with Your Dog Easier

Exercising is important for most dogs to help them build a healthy lifestyle, burn off extra energy, and give them a routine they can enjoy.  Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure where to start when planning an exercise regimen for their pups.

These are ten ways to make exercising with your dog easier for both of you! 

1- Create a Schedule

A schedule is one of the most important parts of this plan because it helps both of you feel more secure in when and how you’ll exercise.  Try to set a time that you’ll go every day, and make it exciting for both of you.

2- Consider Your Dog’s Needs

What type of exercise does your dog need?  For a pug, a walk around the block a couple of times might be enough, but for a greyhound, they’ll need ten to twenty minutes of fast running time two to three times a day to feel the reward of their workout.  Research your dog’s breed or body type and figure out what exercise they can do. 

3- Get In Motion With Them

Although nobody can keep up with a greyhound at top speed: get in motion with your dog!  This could mean playing fetch, taking them swimming, jogging behind them, or dozens of other things.  Exercising with them helps build a team relationship.

4- Change Things Up

Every once in a while, try a new exercise.  Try to do this one to two times every couple of weeks to help keep things exciting for your dog. If you try something new and they love it: consider implementing it into your regular workout sessions!

5- Give Them Rewards

The best thing you can do to keep your dog’s attention on the exercise is to add rewards.  The type of reward depends on your dog’s personality.  Some can get away with simply petting and cheering on their dogs, while others are more food motivated.  Reward your animal in a way that suits their likes. 

6- Pay Attention to What They Tell You

When your dog is in pain, tired, dehydrated, or done: they’ll tell you through body language.  Pay close attention to your dog and watch for any signs of exhaustion or overheating: and stop if they show up.

7- Get The Right Gear

Sometimes the right gear can be the difference between a good and a bad workout.  Invest in things like the right dog harness, a clicker for training, and a good type of treat they don’t get otherwise.

8- Bring Water

Water is a must!  Your dog is going to be working hard, so carry a collapsible bowl with a water bottle, or go to a park that offers water for dogs.  This will encourage your dogs to drink more.

9- Meet With Friends

Meet up with friends who have dogs!  This will give you a buddy group that will keep everyone accountable and keeps your dog thrilled to get into 

10- Use it for Training

Use exercise for training sessions!  Help them learn new tricks through exercise, and watch as they excitedly grow through it.

Your Dog Deserves Good Health!

Everyone wants their dog to be as happy and healthy as possible; consider some of these options for your dog!  A dog that works out is a dog that’s happy!

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