3 Reasons to Hire an IT Management Company

Did you know that 59% of employees worry that their companies spend too much on IT programs?

Unfortunately, for many companies, these concerns are beyond valid. Just under 10% of IT software is used only once per month. This means that companies are pouring money into programs that they don’t even use.

Luckily, there is an efficient way to solve this problem. IT management services can help companies keep track of the software that they use. They cut costs and decrease cybersecurity risk.

Ultimately, this saves a company’s precious time and money.

To learn more about how companies benefit from these services, read on. We have highlighted three reasons why you should consider hiring IT managed services.

1. Streamline Your Software

Every month, businesses pour money into software licenses that they barely use. However, upper management rarely does anything to curb this issue.

The reason? Most workers– management included– don’t understand how IT works.

The way that this plays out tends to be fairly simple. A team starts a new project. Its members select a new type of software to help complete tasks.

Upper management approves the new software choice without thinking twice about the decision. After all, most managers don’t have a tech background. And even fewer have the time to research different tech services.

Unfortunately, however, this oversight has shocking consequences.

The average business loses $259 per computer per year. That means that a company of 2,000 computers will lose over $500,000 in wasted software.

You can save this money by consulting with a team of IT specialists, like NetSuite Premium Support. These professionals have the background to make tech-related decisions that most company leaders don’t have time for.

By showing companies which software to delete, IT service management reduces overall costs.

2. Increase Cybersecurity

Most businesses are focused on making money. However, a company can lose way more than just cash to its poor IT setup.

Cybersecurity attacks are a common result of bad IT practices.

These bad IT practices include failing to update software, using old technology, and prioritizing cost over safety. Using too many different kinds of software can also make a business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

While this problem may be anxiety-inducing, there is an easy solution.

Hiring an IT risk management team will help you prevent cyberattacks from compromising your company. By showing you how to improve your risky IT setups, you can save your business from a crippling remote attack.

IT inventory management will also reduce the amount of software that your company uses. In the long run, this will make it easier to identify your company’s vulnerabilities.

3. Support Your Customers

These days, the majority of businesses have some kind of online component. Nonetheless, customers continue to struggle when it comes to making online purchases and bookings.

According to one report, 62% of online shoppers have felt confused while trying to make a purchase. And it’s not a generational issue.

The same report showed that 40% of Gen-Z-ers had a difficult time with online shopping.

These numbers show that customers often struggle to use a business’s online platform. This could indicate that an increase in customer tech support would also help improve a company’s online sales.

IT management teams can provide this support by helping customers navigate a business’s website. By implementing chatbots and live support, IT specialists can ensure that your customers will feel confident making an online purchase.

Hiring managed IT services can allow your business to maximize its sales and, therefore, its revenue.

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