5 Types Of Essential Pens To Have At Work

When it comes to workplace basics, you can’t forget office stationery. While technology has advanced significantly and provided a plethora of options for creating, drawing, and designing, nothing compares to the usability and feel of actual stationery. Your stationery supplies, like you, have a life of their own, from happy childhood recollections to necessary business tools.

It’s not just about pens and postage stamps for office stationery. It comprises deliberation and selecting instruments that support the reflection, improve the task, and save time. A simple marker or highlighter might rescue the day at work for most people. As a result, your workplace stationery should always be “moment ready” with various tools, both prominent and not-so-obvious. Here are a few must-haves to get you started:

Whiteboard Markers:  Presenting in front of a board or a meeting room unless you have a whiteboard marker is a bad idea! This little work of art is packed with features that will make your life simpler. First and foremost, hardly anything works better on whiteboards than these clean pens. They are easy to refill, simple to use and work on various surfaces. Furthermore, they become essential in business contexts when you need to emphasise a point, provide visual examples, or expand on a topic from a discussion. These markers are best used for seamlessly writing on whiteboards, except for their everlasting counterparts. They ensure maximum, undisturbed use.

Permanent Markers: True to their name, permanent markers are an excellent addition to your office stationery collection. They operate on various materials, including ceramics, textiles, polymers, and even paper. And, by the way, they work for a long time! They’re also moisture-free and leave lasting or semi-permanent imprints on various surfaces. Having a marker pen won’t harm you at all if you’re a fashion and décor agency, a comic book creator, or even a brand marketer.

Flipchart Markers: Flipchart markers are a smudge-free companion for the most challenging days at work, and they are dependable in every scenario. They work much better on flip chart paper, but they may be used for nearly anything else. From writing down messages or important information on post-it notes to drawing key points on paper, you’ll be glad to know that the pen won’t ruin your piece! Furthermore, you may write in more extensive, clearer fonts to make viewing from a distance easier for everyone.

Highlight Markers:  Sure, highlight markers or highlighters are fantastic for preserving memories, but they’re helpful for more than just scribbling in college notes and notebooks and adorning the yearly charts at youth festivals. They are effective stationery supplies that are perfect attention-holding tools. You may colour code properly, emphasise important highlighted points, conserve time, and enhance the effectiveness of your document by doing so.

Fineliners:  Fineliners, as the name implies, are pens with an extremely fine nib that may be used to enhance the details of your design or writing. They usually include a fibre or silicone nib that can assist you in creating crisp, clean layouts, pictures, and clear writing. Fineliners are available in various sizes and ink types, including water-based and oil-based.

Summing Up: You should expect improved interaction, undisturbed presentation and sessions, clear and well-organised thinking, and a systematic, smooth working style that benefits everyone if you have the above writing basics handy.

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