7 Tips for Styling Your Favorite Necklaces

Did you know that the average woman owns over $7,000 in jewelry?

Odds are that a lot of those pieces of jewelry are necklaces. With so many necklace options, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to wear them with different options.

If you’re ready to up your necklace-wearing game, then keep reading. We have 7 tips for how to style your necklaces!

1. Pick What You Like

The most important tip for styling necklaces is making sure that you only buy what you like. A lot of times, people get caught up in what looks good with the outfit they’re thinking about, not whether they are in love with the jewelry or not.

Make sure you like the necklace options you have! If you don’t, get rid of the ones that aren’t calling your name anymore!

2. Bland Necklaces With Colorful Outfits

If you are trying to make a statement with a colorful outfit, you want the opposite type of necklace in this case. That means you should wear a simple necklace, like a plain gold or silver necklace.

You could also wear a dainty diamond necklace as well. Need one of those? Click to buy necklaces here.

3. Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering necklaces is very in style. It can dress up an everyday outfit to make it stand out even more.

If you choose to layer more than two necklaces, make sure to keep the layering to odd numbers only. You should also stick to layering in different lengths.

4. Make It a Statement

If you are wearing a statement necklace, the point is to make it the focal point of your outfit. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit low-key so that the necklace stands out the most.

Wearing a colorful necklace with a relatively simple outfit will make a statement as well.

5. V-Neck Shirts and Necklaces

If you are wearing a V-neck shirt, make sure that the necklace is short enough that it only touches your skin. It looks a bit weird if the necklace hangs over onto your shirt with this style.

6. Don’t Overdo It

Yes, there is such thing as overdoing it with jewelry. If you want to focus on your necklace, then don’t wear big earrings and a big bracelet.

The best thing you can do is pick one thing to focus on and keep everything else simple.

7. Think About Your Hairstyle

When it comes to seeing your necklace, your hairstyle has everything to do with it. If you want people to see it, then you may want to wear your hair up.

If you’re wearing a larger necklace, wearing your hair up or pulled back in some way also looks good.

Dainty necklaces tend to look good with your hair down or up.

Styling Necklaces

Styling necklaces can take some work and practice, but with these tips, you’ll look stylish everywhere you go!

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