A Guide to Help You Sell Gold for the Most Cash

The marketplace of India has countless alternatives to buy and sell jewelry. However, when it comes to banks selling the gold coins, bars, or bullions to folks they never purchase it again from them. Thus, at last, they end up having no alternative but to sell their jewelry to jewel smiths or craftsmen. The jewel smiths or craftsmen might exploit the situation and subtract the big amount for melting charge, wastage charge, etc. This leads to paying a maximum of 60 to 65 % of the metal value that isn’t worth in any way for patrons.

What to Do Before Selling Your Gold for Money?

If you are planning to sell your old yellow metal then you must keep in mind the following tips to ensure that the price you receive is worthwhile.

1. Get your jewelry appraised

Get your gold jewelry appraised or evaluated before putting it on sale. You may get a higher value if you sell antique or designer jewelry.

2. Know the actual value of the item

Pure gold is hard to find. A majority of jewelry in the country is 14k, 10k, and 18k gold comprising gold and other compounds. While you sell your gold jewelry, you’ll just get paid for the parts that are made of real gold.

3. Look for a genuine gold buyer

Make sure that the buyer you are going to deal with is trustworthy and reputed. To make sure that he is trustworthy, ask for his license. Check whether the store has any complaints from the customers related to the buying or selling of jewelry items.

4. Purchase receipt

An authentic buyer will always ask for a purchase receipt or invoice when you are selling gold jewelry. A purchase receipt or bill helps in confirming the purity of the item, making it impossible for the buyer to disagree with anything as everything related to the jewelry is mentioned in the purchase receipt.

5. Be practical

For a majority of individuals, selling gold rings, necklaces or pendants will not make you wealthy. But, it may get you some extra bucks. Keep in mind that you’ll just be getting money for the gold content in your piece.

6. Safeguard yourself

Prior to leaving your jewelry piece with or delivering your item to a reputed buyer/dealer, you must document and snap the items. Take a glance at the return policy of the company in the case of loss. Be certain to get your pieces appraised first if it carries a great value.

7. Keep the karats aside

Try not to allow jewelry of distinct karat value to be assessed together. There are buyers/dealers who will weigh all pieces together and give you money for the lowest karat value. So, before meeting a gold silver buyer in Noida, it would be good to separate your jewelry by karat value.

Should We Sell Gold Without A Bill Or Invoice?

Even if gold is too accepted by some jewelry stores and companies without the need for the original bill receipt or invoice, many trustworthy dealers will mandatorily ask for the receipt. A bill receipt is required for dodging discrepancies and checking the quality of the metal.

Where to Sell Gold in Noida?

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