All you need to know about Bosch angle grinders

Angle grinders are multipurpose tools that are used in different industries such as welding, carpentry, painting, and many others. This article includes how to use them, their types, and their pros and cons.

A Bosch grinder is an angle grinder manufactured by the Bosch Company. An angle grinder is an electronic tool driven by a power motor. They have very sharp blades which can be used for cutting wood, metal, aluminum, pavers, concrete, bricks, pavers, and other dense material. They can also be used in sharpening tools, grinding, and polishing hard surfaces. Below is an image of an angle grinder.


Because of their sharp-edge blades, using angle grinders requires maximum pre-caution as they can cause harm and can leave you paralyzed in the worst-case scenario.  The first step to ensure safety is to install the correct type of cutting disc. Broken disks can throw fragments or shatter during use. When installing the disks, ensure they are adequately fit and the bolts are tight enough.

You should avoid pushing the disk in the material. This will overload the grinder, and it will stop. Instead, you should put it at a 90-degree angle and gently on the material so that sparks are thrown away from you. While cutting, avoid bending the machine as this can bend or break the disk.

When you start cutting any material, ensure you only stop the machine when the material is fully cut. This is done to prevent the grinder from getting stuck in the material. When done cutting, let the blade cool before touching it as friction makes it so hot.


  • Angle grinders have a lot of power to cut off large parts of any metal without much strain.
  • They do not require much skill as anyone can use grinders whether they are professionals or not.
  • Their speed and power enable them to be handy in emergency situations, such as cutting metallic doors or locks to rescue people trapped in a building. Imagine the time it would take you to cut a padlock using a hacksaw.
  • An angle grinder is a multipurpose machine. Its uses range from plumbing, painting, flooring, and carpentry.


  • Its high speeds and power make it hazardous to users. There are many cases where the discs burst, throwing fragments that cause severe injury to users or people near them.
  • When grinding metal, large amounts of sparks are produced, which can cause havoc in the presence of highly flammable material.
  • These machines are also costly to buy. For instance, the lowest Bosch grinder price in Kenya is about Kes.3500.

Types of Angle grinders.

Cordless angle grinders – These are battery-operated handheld grinders. Their batteries are both interchangeable and rechargeable, which means they do not have a power cable. They have maximum speeds of 9000 rpm. Their advantage over the corded grinders is that they give the user more mobility and freedom. However, their performance is limited and has a short usage life.

Corded Angle grinders- These are the most common types of angle grinders. They are popular as people consider them reliable because they can work as long as there is an electricity connection. They are also lighter as compared to cordless grinders. They are compelling people like using them in workshops with a steady power supply.

Air powered angle grinders- As the name suggests, they are powered by natural air. These grinders are ideally suited to cutting and shaping metal workpieces. They are well suited to light-duty jobs that require high-level precision. Air-powered grinders are the lightest of the three types are require connection to suitable air- compressor units.


Angle grinders have really made work easier. Jobs that two or three people could do for hours can now be done in a few minutes by one person using these machines. We should embrace the use of these machines but with a lot of precaution.

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