Are CBD capsules the most travel-friendly cannabis option?

CBD is well known for its usage in treating physical and mental ailments, especially when traveling. The non-psychoactive properties of CBD will make your journey better by managing travel sickness and anxiety. But the number of available forms of CBD can raise doubts and questions about which will be better to use as a traveler. There are topicals, lotions, tinctures, vapes, and capsules. Which would be ideal for me? Which is the most comfortable option? Will it be a problem for the people around me?

Well, if you have had such questions before, we have the answer for you. Travel-friendly CBD capsules available in the market can do magic. Want to know how? Read on!

Why are capsules travel-friendly?

There are many health benefits that one can gain by consuming CBD. When put into the capsule form, CBD can be even more beneficial. For a traveler who might need immediate effects and a comfortable way of consumption, capsules can be the go-to option.

Let us first run through the advantages of using capsules while traveling.

Capsules are damage-resistant.

Unlike oils and tablets, capsules are tamper-resistant. You can carry them in your bags without worrying about leakage or damage. They have flexible walls, and you can put them into handy boxes and carry them easily.

For instance, if you are on a trip with your friends, you might have sudden anxiety attacks or feelings of nausea. Consuming oils and tinctures can be very messy as they can spill easily. Capsules make the job easier for you as you can consume them without any effort.

Capsules are convenient to carry.

As we just saw, you need not put in much effort to carry capsules along with you. You can store them in small containers and carry them in your backpacks. Unlike oils and tinctures, you need not worry about the dosage with capsules. They have pre-fixed dosages, and consumers can take as much as they want, depending on their needs.

If you look at the case of tinctures, you have to be careful while storing and carrying them. But with capsules, you cut off all the confusion and enjoy the benefits of CBD at your leisure.

Capsules do not have any taste.

If you have ever consumed CBD oil for its medicinal effects, you might know how untasteful CBD oils or tinctures are. Many people hate the taste of CBD oils and tinctures mixed with organic oils like hemp seed and coconut oils. Due to high potency, it can even cause gastrointestinal issues like acidity and nausea.

As capsules are tasteless, you need not worry about your body showing aversion to them. Also, due to the comparatively low potency of capsules, you won’t have any side effects as you would with oils and tinctures.

Capsules are a discreet way of consuming CBD.

Not many of us like to reveal our medications to strangers. As capsules do not reveal what they are carrying, they can be perfect for discreet consumption.

Another case to look at is when a person has medical conditions. As we know, CBD can help in relieving muscle pain and nausea for people undergoing cancer treatment. If you carry CBD in the form of capsules, no one would know your reasons for consumption. As they look like any other pill, you can prevent that’ nosy fellow passenger from interfering in your habits.

Capsules are immediate in action.

As the content inside capsules is available for pharmacological absorption within minutes after consumption, you can rely on them while traveling. The immediate action of capsules is ideal for people who get unexpected travel anxiety attacks and sickness.

As they disintegrate once they reach your stomach, it will take only a few minutes for capsules to start working.

Health benefits of using CBD capsules while traveling

There are many health benefits that a traveler can garner by using travel-ready CBD capsules while traveling. Some of them are:

CBD can help in alleviating anxiety while traveling

The fear of going to an unfamiliar place under uncertain conditions can make people anxious. Sometimes, people can start feeling this before they start traveling. For such people, CBD can be beneficial. CBD molecules interact with the receptors in the brain and produce feelings of relaxation.

CBD can help in reducing muscle pain.

It is common to have muscle tensions and cramps while traveling for a long time. Many people have shoulder pains and cramps from sitting in the same position. CBD can help in easing much muscle pain and makes the journey more comfortable.

CBD helps you sleep better

CBD has notable sedative effects. Traveling across time zones can destroy one’s sleep cycle. Taking CBD can help in fixing sleep disruption problems by improving the quality of sleep. If you suffer from improper sleep cycles while traveling, CBD will be ideal for you.

It relaxes your mind and lifts the weight off your shoulders.

In general, traveling can be stressful for many people. Especially when you are traveling for your work, your mind can get stressed for many reasons. Taking CBD can help in alleviating mental stress and helps in relaxing your mind and body.

Things you should know

There can be situations where you can feel uncomfortable after taking CBD capsules. It is advisable to be ready for such situations.

  • If you start feeling a reaction in your stomach after consuming CBD capsules, drink plenty of water immediately. It will clear your system and make your body stable again.
  • Be mindful of the number of capsules you consume. The dosage indeed differs for different individuals. But overconsumption can cause side effects like nausea and dry mouth. Be careful while you ingest capsules.
  • Despite consuming moderate amounts of CBD, it can still show up on the tests. Know about the kind of situation you are in and act accordingly.


If you are traveling on flights, you should be aware of the proper timings to take CBD. If you are taking CBD to alleviate anxiety and stress, take it before your flight. If you are consuming CBD to get rid of body pain, take it on the flight. If you want to manage jet lags and sleep disruption problems, taking CBD after the flight is advisable.

Bottom line

If you have just started using CBD while traveling, it might be intimidating for you. Sometimes, you can over consume CBD without knowing how it works.

It is advisable to consult a professional or a physician before using CBD while traveling.

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