Best Live TV Streaming Apps and Services

As more and more streaming services enter the entertainment landscape, there is a heated debate about whether cable TV is worth it or not. The proponents of streaming services claim that cable TV’s ever-increasing monthly pricing does not do justice to average consumers. As cable technology becomes more and more accessible, providers should work to make it affordable to the average American. Streaming services offer a cheaper alternative to cable but offer a limited number of channels. In this battle between cable TV and streaming, we have to pick sides if we are on a budget. There are pros and cons of both. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why you should or should not switch to either side.

Cable TV

Cable TV is one of the most widely used services for entertainment in the United States. It is available in more than 42 states. It is a common service among consumers as the plans are a bit cheap and you can bundle it with the internet to save on your monthly bill. Here are some of the good features of cable TV:

Extensive Lineups

Cable TV offers extensive channel lineups for your home. The lineups are well-tailored and meet the needs of your household. For example, you get the right mix of all the local, national, regional, and premium channels. A basic channel lineup will include more than 120 channels. The premium channels are extra and included with the high-end plans. You can add them separately to your basic plan.

Better Local Programming

With cable TV, you are going to get all the local programming. It is your gateway to all the college sports such as football and basketball. You cannot local programming on any streaming services. This makes cable TV a bit superior.

Better bundling opportunities

Cable TV offers better bundling opportunities. Bundles are a great way to save on your monthly bills. As we all require high-speed internet, cable providers now offer internet and TV in a single plan. You get a single bill for both the services and you can even add a home phone to this bundle. Many satellite and DSL providers offer bundles as well. Therefore, the bundles bring convenience, help you save, and are a great way to get some extra features to your cart for free.


Cable TV works with the help of coaxial cables. These cables are quite reliable. If you have rainy weather or a storm, the service will work just fine. Cable TV brings a lot of reliability and promise to the table. Cable providers have great customer service. For example, Mediacom has 24/7 support. You can call the Mediacom phone number at any time to fix all the issues related to cable.

However, there is a catch!

With all these amazing features, cable TV costs a bit more than the conventional TV service. The monthly charges keep on increasing with time. For a basic cable that costs close to $60, you may end up paying $80 to $100 for the equipment, surcharges, taxes, and DVR fee.

Streaming to the rescue!

The cord-cutting movement has started to take ground and more people are switching to streaming. It’s convenient, less expensive, and gets the job done most of the time.


There are no wired connections, faulty equipment, or any other complications when it comes to streaming. Just get the streaming service and start watching it on your TV without the need to install it through a professional.


Streaming services are quite affordable and there are many reasons behind them. First, there is no separate cost for the equipment or DVR. You just download the application and it’s good to go. Secondly, there are no local or state taxes on top. Streaming services don’t require any state or local infrastructure for extensive taxes. The taxes are minimal.

Better shows

Streaming gets you access to a library of all your favorite shows at once place. You can stream whenever you like.


Streaming lies on high-speed internet. In presence of a faulty connection, your streaming might suffer. Secondly, you cannot get all the local programming on streaming services. You may have to miss a lot of college sports programming. Lastly, there are too many services in the market and you have to have most of them to get it all!

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