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Any business will look for a good amount of customer base to execute strategic sales plans accordingly. More importantly, the revenue margin shall surge if there is a good customer conversion every week.

If you are looking to have a ridiculous number of users like your followers and thereby customers, Facebook Ads is the best option. Creating Facebook Ads with InVideo is even more worthwhile for its amazing feature-rich factor. This article will help you gain insights on using InVideo to create Facebook Ads for a lucrative campaign result. So, without wasting time, let us have a look!

How Can InVideo Be Used for Making Facebook Ads?

As such, Social Media Marketing is made easy using InVideo. You can create delectable Ads using the tool with minimum effort. If you plan to create a Facebook Ad, you can do so by choosing the template available on the homepage. 

You shall find specific templates for specific usage. Moreover, the search bar that you will find in the editor shall help you get the right template too. You can type in the niche, and you will get a bunch of templates popping up.

As you select the template, upload the video that you would like to edit and make the necessary changes as per your requirement. Once you preview the video and as you are satisfied, export the same to the local device. Now, the video Ad is good to upload on the Facebook page.

Salient Features of InVideo to Make Facebook Ads

  1. Apart from the premade templates, you will also find blank templates. That means to say you can create your video from scratch. The features available in the tool helps you edit the video in no time. 
  2. InVideo is named for its highly intuitive UI. The tool automatically suggests the changes, the templates as you search for a specific industry-type video template. It makes the changes accordingly that shall match the current industry standards too.
  3. One can avoid the need for an experienced video editor in the team. The excellent interface and user-friendly options to use make this tool a highly sought-after one.
  4. Even if you are looking for any tutorial to learn, the website has numerous videos to gain hands-on experience.

Why Must One Use InVideo to Create Facebook Ads?

InVideo is a web-based platform. Adding to it, you can use this tool to create Facebook Video Ads on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and any desktop machine-based Operating system.

That means you can access the tool from anywhere and at any time without the hassle of downloading software and editing the videos. InVideo is considered as the beginners’ paradise because of its user-friendly interface. This column shall help you understand the top reasons to choose InVideo as your Facebook Ad creating tool.

  • Ready To Use Templates

This is one of the prime factors any video editor would look for. If you plan to create any video in less than 600 seconds, InVideo will be a brilliant choice. With 4000+ pre-made templates available, you can edit a video in quick time. The biggest advantage is that you can create stunning Facebook Ads that help grab the users’ attention. The available number of templates shall help you find the one that you are looking for. You can almost find a template for any niche. Further, the drag and drop option and easy editing feature make InVideo a commendable online video editor at the current moment.

  • Editing With Ease

It is not about the templates but also the video editing features. The tool has an extremely conducive interface that shall help you edit a video with maximum ease. The commands and easy-to-find features will help you experiment with a video with much different output. Further, the preview part of the editor makes it easy for you to see the changes made in real-time. If you are not satisfied, you can undo the same as well. It all happens in quick succession, allowing you to be completely focused on creating a stunning video Ad. 

  • Text To Speech

InVideo has incredible options to add voice to your Facebook Ad. The AI option to do so helps in creating videos with minimum hassle. Additionally, any text can be converted to speech, thanks to the feature that converts text to speech that can help create attention-seeking videos. 

  • Auto Suggestion

The tool has an intelligent Video assistant. Apart from you checking the video for perfection, the AI-based tool checks for the video and gives suggestions to correct the video for perfection. Be it the alignment or the color at the background, the tool auto-suggests the correction that shall be useful for you to make an error-free video Ad. The animation speed for clarity is also checked. 

  • 24/7 Support

This is an incredible factor for any user. You can get in touch with InVideo professionals any time to gather clarity on any feature that you are confused about. 

  • Free Plan

InVideo does not have any feature called Free Trial. The plan is free, making it useful for beginners not to spend any money on a subscription. You get to use all the features that a premium subscriber uses. The only difference shall be the watermark and that you can get rid of by paying a minimal subscription fee.

Experts usually suggest learning a tool before editing any video. On the contrary, you can create a video and learn as well. The tutorial of InVideo shall help you understand the basics, and you can implement the same right away. Also, it is recommended to work on the video used by the tutor so that you can compare the output.


Making Facebook Ads with InVideo is a fun-filled task. You must get the hang of creativity and start making delectable videos that will help generate leads and increase your sales margin. Facebook is the best platform to create an ad that will help your business to reach its heights so you can promote your business.

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