Different types of 7.5 hp single phase motors in Kenya

7.5 hp single-phase motors are high-powered motors that are commonly used for commercial and industrial use. These types of motors are mostly found in pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, dryers, injection wells, agricultural equipment,mining equipment, water and waste processing, and many other appliances that have high power needs.

We have all wondered how some of the machinery we use at home or work, and how much power it uses. Well, this article explains what powers them and their differences. 7.5 hp single phase motors are very many and they come in different shapes and sizes. There are different types of 7.5 hp motors and they all come at different prices.

Two-Value Capacitor motor

The two-value capacitor motor is a type of single-phase motor that has a cage rotor and two stator windings, which are the main winding and the auxiliary winding. The two-value capacitor motor has two capacitors, Cs and CR which are connected in parallel. They are widely used in refrigeration, pumping equipment, air compressors, and loads in need of higher inertia and frequent starts.The two-value capacitor motor is highly recommended because of its efficiency and easy maintenance.

Capacitor start motor

The capacitor start motor is a type of single-phase motor that uses a capacitor to start operating and it also has two windings and one cage rotor on the stator. The capacitor start motors are used for heavy-duty applications requiring high starting torque. This type of motor is mostly used in continuous conveyors, compressors, fans, pumps, pulleys, grinders, and many other applications. Compared to the split-phase motor, this 7.5 hp single phase motor price in Kenya is more costly due to the additional cost of the capacitor.

Split-phase motor

The split-phase motor is also known as the resistance start the motor. The split-phase motor is made up of a single cage rotor and has two winding in its stator which consist of the main winding and an auxiliary winding. This motor is suitable for easily started loads that require a limited starting frequency, hence they are cheap compared to the other types of single-phase motors and are also cheap to maintain. The split-phase motors are widely used in washing machines, air conditioning fans, office machines, and many other applications.

Permanent-Split Capacitor Motor

The permanent-split capacitor motor is also called a single value capacitor motor. Unlike other motors mentioned, the permanent-split capacitor motor requires no centrifugal switch. It has a higher power factorand a higher efficiency since it is permanently connected to the capacitor. This motor is mostly used in air conditioners, office machinery operations, fans, blowers in heaters, and many more.

Shaded-pole motors

The shaded-pole motor is a self-starting single-phase induction motor that consists of a cage-type rotor and a stator that is made up of salient poles. This motor rotates only in one direction. The shaded-pole motors are most commonly found in devices that require a low starting torque such as table fans and exhaust fans, hairdryers, toys, record players, electric clocks, and other small instruments. They are cheap and very easy to maintain.


Single-phase motors are important machines and are used widely. When choosing the motors, you want to use you should consider various factors. It would be best to consider the price, whether the motor is environmentally friendly, its maintenance cost, and also its life expectancy. It would be best if you talked to one of the experts before purchasing one. For more check Electric motors.

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