Equipment and the Benefits of a Concrete Hoist Machine

Just like other machines which simplify work, so does hoist machines. These machines come in different ways and operate differently, some are used in the mining sector whereas others are used in construction. In this article, we are going to deal more with hoist machines used in construction.

A hoisting machine is a mechanical device that is used for lowering or lifting heavy loads. It consists of a movable and a fixed pulley. The movable pulley contains a hook or anything unto which loads are attached. This hoist machine provides much support in the construction of high raised buildings etc.


Lifting motor. The hoist machine has a short motor that is short-circuited and has an electromagnetic brake incorporated with it. The design of the brake and the motor is to provide unstoppable service with great cycles.

Has a gearbox. This consists of several gears that allow to increase or reduce the speed at which the machine runs. The gears are lubricated with an oil bath inside a covered casing.

Pulleys. The Concrete hoist machine has got two types of pulleys, a movable and a fixed pulley. The ropes or links are passed through these pulleys which allows them to lift or bring down any load applied to it.

Carriage. After the concrete is done with mixing, its poured into the carriage which transports up the destined point. The carriage is lifted by the pulleys via the ropes attached to it.

Rope guide and the drum. On the hoist frame is a drum suited with self-lubricating bearings.

Limit switch. It’s situated in a drum axle. It limits the movement of the hook in the down and up motions.

Benefits of hoisting machine

Ergonomic. Since the hoist machine does the lifting of heavy loads, workers are relieved from the pain and strains that come after as a result of lifting such loads. This also reduces the injuries that might have come up.

It is portable. The hoist machine can be moved from one point to another with a lot of ease due to it being light and small.

Low costs of Maintainance. With the latest technologies, it’s proved that hoist machines require low maintenance costs if compared to other lifting devices.

Reduces the wastage of concrete. If compared to human labour in transporting concrete up a raised building, it’s often safer to use a hoisting machine.

It saves time. The work that would have been done in a week with human labour is done within a day with a hoisting machine. So it saves more time.

Safety. It is safer to use a hoist machine rather than human labour in transporting concrete up the building. The workers are saved from continuous back and muscle pain with the help of this machine.


The work of transporting concrete up a raised building under construction is such a hard task when using human labour but it’s simplified with the help of a hoist machine. It is therefore advisable to use it as It saves more time and energy.

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