Everything you should need to know about MBBS in the Philippines.

The Philippines is considered to be one of the prime locations in the world for studying medical science. It has great private institutions and very high standards for graduation, making it a hub for students worldwide to come and study here. Here is everything that you need to know about MBBS in Philippines.


If you just count the necessities, the Philippines is one of the most affordable places in the world to Study. Even if you get enrolled in the country’s top institutes, you would not have to spend more than 20000 USD on average. This is because the living cost, along with your conveyance, entertainment, and insurance charges, is not more than 200 USD per person per month.

The curriculum.

The Philippines follow the same curriculum as they do in the USA, which means if you have gone through the USMLE exams, you would have no problem getting into the institutes here. There are two semesters conducted within a calendar year.


One factor that plays a major role in the influx of many students from abroad is that there is no system of donations. You do not need to pay anything extra as donations to get into a good medical institute.

The value of the Degree.

An MBBS degree from the Philippines guarantees you a job and many more opportunities in every corner of the world. Medical science in the Philippines is acclaimed worldwide and holds a high value. You are bound to get your license after training in any country you like.


The Philippines is one of the top three countries that primarily speak English. The teachers and other staff are very professional, and the lectures are conducted in fluent English. Special attention is paid to the student’s overall growth, and the country’s medical infrastructure is well developed. The literacy rate of the country is above ninety percent, making it a perfect studying destination.

Medical Career.

The quality of education in the Philippines is at an equal level with the American and European standards. It is formed in a way to provide the students with the best opportunities to grow their careers. A graduate from any top college in the Philippines is easily guaranteed a job in countries like the USA and the UK.


One of the most soothing parts about studying in the Philippines is its Tropical weather conditions which are neither too hot nor too cold. It averages anywhere from 25 to 34 degrees throughout the year, allowing people from anywhere in the world to adjust easily to the conditions.

Acclaimed Worldwide.

Medical Education in the Philippines is acclaimed worldwide. The World Health Organization has recognized it, the World Federation for Medical Education and the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Education, and many more governing bodies.


The country’s literacy rate, the welcoming and friendly nature, and the inflow of tourists from all over the world make the country very safe for the students.

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