Factors That Determine Scaffolding prices in Kenya

Scaffolding is majorly used in the field of construction; it’s a temporary structure that supports the original structure at a construction site. Additionally, it increases workforce efficiency and safety for casuals. This article highlights what should be considered in the market when determining the price of scaffolding in Kenya.

The construction industry ranks scaffolding as an essential requirement in the entire building process. Civil engineers and contractors make an effort to buy it from the market and install it. Though the prices, quantity, and rates are included in the Bill of Quantities manuals by quantity surveyors, engineers have to consider some factors when choosing the prices. This is significant because they get it at the best prices.

Scaffolding in a construction site

The material used to make scaffolding.

Materials are different and their prices differ. For example, in the construction of high-story buildings, a strong material should be used to enhance strength. Steel most of the time is considered rather than timber. The price of steel scaffolding in the market is quite higher than that of timber. The material and price can also be checked in the bill of quantities manual for clarity.

The quality of scaffolding

The quality of scaffolding should be checked before the commencement of work at a construction site. Low quality can collapse and be a threat to workers. Good quality scaffolding prices are quite high and therefore, when considering the price of the scaffoldings, quality should be assessed as well.

Competition in the market

The market consists of many shops selling similar products. Before the purchasing scaffoldings, ask many different shops to get an average price. Afterward, choose the lowest price. This will save money because it’s economical when you need a large number. Competition greatly affects the scaffolding prices in Kenya; the higher the competition, the lower the prices as each dealer will want to attract as many customers as possible

Duration scaffolding is required

Construction projects of short duration should consider hiring scaffolding. This will be significantly less expensive than purchasing. Wood scaffolding is also less expensive and can be used on short-term construction sites. Wood is affected by mold when used for a long time and becomes weak; it’s only significant for a short-duration construction process.

The weight that scaffolding is required to hold.

The load-bearing capacity of every building is different. According to civil engineers’ specifications, buildings that require high load-bearing capacity have a lot of weight. During construction, you should consider a high-quality scaffold that cannot collapse during the construction period. Other than where low weight is held, the price of scaffold rises.

The number of employees

The number of workers determines the cost of scaffolding in that;a building that requires many casuals should have strong scaffolding. It should be able to bear the weight of workers without collapsing. Building with a minimum number of workers does not require a huge investment in scaffolding.


This article gives you accurate factors that affect the scaffolding prices. It’s generally beneficial to everyone interested in constructing a building and understanding the significance of knowing these factors.

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